Everyone has a story...

Three million people live with epilepsy and seizures in the U.S. 

Worldwide it’s 65 million.

One in 26 people in the U.S. will develop epilepsy at some point in their lifetime -- regardless of age, race, or gender.

A complex disease encompassing many types of seizures, each person with epilepsy is different. A third of the people with epilepsy live with uncontrolled seizures because no available treatment works for them. Many more live with serious side effects from their medication as the price of seizure control. 

Despite being one of the world’s oldest know medical conditions, fear and misunderstanding still surround epilepsy, making many people reluctant to talk about it. That reluctance leads to lives lived in the shadows, discrimination in workplaces and communities, and a lack of funding for new therapies research.

Yet people living with epilepsy dare to defy their seizures. They dare to live to their fullest potential.

Dare to join us in the fight to raise awareness, educate the public, fund new therapies research, and find strength in community.

Get to know some of the brave and inspiring people who live with epilepsy by reading their stories.

Get involved. Talk about it. Make a difference today! 

join the fight!

Why Kerri Walks

In the lead up to the 11th Annual National Walk for Epilepsy, Kerri C. of McHenry, Maryland, shares her epilepsy story. Read more.

Elisabeth & Kim's Story

The magic of "The Nutcracker" brought Kim a miracle for her dancing daughter Elisabeth. Read more.

Kevin’s Story

Kevin Oliver remembers the exact moment he found out he had epilepsy — and he also knows it was years too late. Read more.

Tracy’s Story

The moment you first meet Tracy Estrada-Hiett, you feel as if there is a story. And there is. Read more.

Barbra’s Story

I was officially diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 18, but, in hindsight, I realize I had my first seizures while I was still in high school. Read more.

Sally's Story

"A Family's Journey Through a Clinical Trial," presented at the 2016 Epilepsy Foundation Pipeline Conference


Hannah's Story

Handling Seizures in Public – Grace, Courage and Awareness

Advocating for Epilepsy with Alyssa

Alyssa shared with senators and congressmen the following video about her life with epilepsy during the 2017 Teens Speak Up! and Public Policy Institute conference. Learn more.