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Want to get pregnant while on Lamictal

So, I know everyone's different when it comes to seizures and medications; but I'm hoping to get some positive vibes. I am 28 years old and my husband and I want to start trying to have a baby in either October or November. A while ago my neurologist told me when I decide that I want to have a baby to let him know at least 6 months before we start trying. So I told him in February when we wanted to start. I'm on Keppra and Lamictal, but he wants me on just one medication. That being said, I chose to stay on Lamictal because I had really bad side affects with Keppra. So, I'm off Keppra in 2 weeks and he increased my dosage for Lamictal to 400 mg a day (I'm a little nervous with the transition but trying to stay positive). He said I should be fine being that I haven't had a seizure since Sept. 2006 and my seizures are controllable. He told me all the information that I needed to know about being pregnant while on Lamictal. Oh, and I am also taking Folic Acid. Although he told me everything I needed to know, I also want to get some feedback from women who are pregnant or were pregnant while being on Lamictal. Were your seizures controllable while on Lamictal before becoming pregnant? And were there any changes while being pregnant?

 I would love to hear some feedback, thanks!


I am on the same meds as you send me an e-mail and I will tell you about my pregnancy. thanx ~Danielle

Hey, your profile is private, what's your email?

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By; Linda


my email is it would be great to have someone to share the pregnancy joy :)

clarice25, what's ur email? mine is I would love to share your pregnancy stories :) feel free to email me.


I'm on Lamictal and currently 16 weeks pregnant. My seizures are controllable with medication, but when you are pregnant, the level of lamotrigine in your blood will be diluted. I already had 3 seizures during my pregnancy so far and my Neuro will increase my dosage after each seizure. It's not a huge jump in dosage but a slow and gradual one. My neuro also said that once I gave birth, the level of lamictal that i'm taking should be reduced/adjusted. Before you start trying to get pregnant, it's best if you start taking 4 mg of folic acid 3-4 months before you conceive. Good luck!


 Thanks so much for the info. Yeah, I'm currently taking 4mg of folic acid. My neuro informed me about seizures in the first trimester of pregnancy while on medication. When in the pregnancy did you have your seizures? And how far apart were they? I would love to know more about your experience. You can email me at

 Thanks! and congratulations!

my first two seizures were during my first trimester. The first one was when i was around 3 wks (haven't found out that i'm pregnant). second one was on my 10th week and the most recent one is just last week at around 15 1/2 wk. I notice the pattern is about every 5 weeks, but again, i can't really make sure that it's a pattern. I'm hoping i won't be having anymore seizures in the future tho :)

Hi girls,


I am planning to have a baby and Lamictal is an option for me. I am curious about how it all went please email me on I would love to hear more about it.


Hey Amy, I just posted a comment for every one with this question, but I have had 2 perfect babies on lamictal and I would definatly want to be on that one if I tried again. Good luck. If you read my comment, maybe you have some advise for me. Thanks, and I hope this has helped. 

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By; Linda


I am currently 7months preg and have been on 400mgs of Lamictal since March. I started off on a small dosage and worked my way up to the 400. I had never had a seizure until I got preg with this baby. (I have three boys already and I never had any problems) I ended up in the hospital for a couple days one being spent in ICU becuase they couldn't control them. Now that I am on the dose that my neuro wants me to be everything has been wonderful. Baby is right on target and I haven't had any more seizures. Hope all goes well. 


Hi girls,

So I have a couple of success stories for those of you planning to get pregnant on lamictal. I am 25 yrs old and started haveing seizures when I was 17 still don't know why. I had just switched to lamictal from depikote a few months before I got pregnant with my first child (thank God). I was 20 yrs old and the pregnancy was not planned. I had one seizure when I was pregnant with my daughter she is 5yrs old now and sooo smart, beautiful and perfect. A couple yrs later I miss carried a few weeks into a pregnancy (still on lamictal) but was told that it had nothing to do with my meds. After that I decided to try again, still on lamictal, but confident. I got pregnant shortly after. 9months later I had a perfectly healthy and happy baby boy (who is now talking, potty training and a little monster lol). So, I am very confident that lamictal is the way to go. 

My Question now is that I am not only on lamictal but on Keppra, too. I am put in a position that if I want another baby it is now or never and I don't know what to do. I do want another baby, just one more. But how safe is Keppra. Am I pushing my luck??????  I need someones opinion and answers to my question so please reply if you have one. Since it is a sooner rather than later kind of thing, my E-mail is Thanks.

Having medicines during Pregnancy is not a good thing because it effects negatively on the growth of your child. Therefore, try to avoid medicines as much as you can and maintain yourself because your child can only be healthy if you are.

Actually my neurologist told me the risks of being on Lamictal while being pregnant. 3%-6% chance of my baby being born with a cleft lip which can be easily fixed through surgery shortly after the baby is born. If I chose to not be on medication while being pregnant then I would have a lot more seizures than I would being on meds while being pregnant. If I'm seven months pregnant and I have a seizure, I can fall face down, harm the baby or even worse, lose the baby. Therefore, I think it would be better to be on lamictal than no medication at all for me and my baby. I respect your opinion and I wish I didn't have to be on medication at all, but I trust my neurologist and other neurologists have said the same thing. Lamictal is a great medication, I have had no problems on it at all. I don't think that you're looking at it from both angles; you're only looking at the negatives of being on lamictal while being pregnant and not thinking about the negative effect that it can have on the baby, as well as the mother while not being on medication.

 Also, I know many women with epilepsy who are on medication that have healthy babies.



I've been taking lamictal for 7 yrs.  My Dr had said lamictal is one of the better drugs to be on while preg.  At 40 I had a baby, happy & healthy!  I advise anyone taking the lamictal to not discontinue it during your preg cause seizures can cause more damage! 

I'm a 40 y/o pregnant E who was on 4 seizure meds at the conception of our very unexpected baby boy! I was told we had a >35% chance of severe craniofacial abnormalities and late term miscarriage. I am now 27 wks pregnant and repeated 4D USounds show a perfectly healthy baby with no visible defects-spine, heart, lips, fingers,etc. all perfect.  Next step besides continued growth ultrasounds is a 2 year developmental exam and then again at 5 yrs. I was on Lamictal, Zonegran, Keppra, and Nimotop and had just got out of the hospital when we concieved. I am now only on Zonegran and Keppra.  God is good and the creator of life. My husband and I are both nurses.  He works at a research university hospital in administration.  We have seen it all.  We know God is in control and we are so glad we obeyed Him and walked in faith listening to HIM and not to medical research regarding the life of this child.  Medicine has a lot of advantages as we all know (I'm still on my anticonvulsants) but God is ultimately in control.  It is definitely nerve wracking being a pregnant uncontrolled epileptic but it is a faith builder too.  I hope for the best for all of you out there who are or want to become pregnant.  There are many, many absolutely normal babies born to mom's who are on meds and have E... I believe the number is somewhere around 90% don' t let the 3-6% and other numbers scare you.  Pray, pray, pray.  God loves to answer our cries.  Just like we would answer a crying baby. God Bless you all.  With love from God the Father who gave His One and Only Son, Jesus Christ.


i am also on lamictal and want to become pregnant but i am not sure on the amount of folic acid i am allowed to take as i also take 2 different types of medication for my epilepsy. please can someone give any sort of answer or even advice as i cant really go to my doc as he is away and i am in the need of some help over this


thankyou from michaela

My name is Elizabeth and I have had epilepsy since I was 7 yrs old, so like 23 yrs now. I had been on all the known seizure drugs and none of them worked until I started Lamictal when i was 18 and for the last 12 years it seems like it has worked. I take a total of 500 mgs a day and I haven't had seizures anymore at all. But I am now coming to the point in my life where I am about to get married and want to have at least one baby not too long from now. I went to see my neurologist and he said that it should be fine, but of course had to tell me the statistics and I think it may have spooked my fiancee a bit, with the cleft palette part that is. I would never of course go off my medicines because that would just ruin everything for me, but part of me is sooo worried that something might be wrong with my child. I know he said the chances of it are pretty slim, but its hard not to have that fear in me that because of me my child might be deformed. Should I really be this worried? I mean it sounds like most of you here have had good experiences with the lamictal and your babies. I just have that fear in me that you probably all did too at one point in time. Any thoughts?

Hi Elizabeth,


My name is Lisa & I have been taking lamictal for 10yrs.  When I planned on gettting preg my Dr was very confident w/ lamictal but I did take  folic acid to help reduce any possible problems w/ pregancy itself.  I too was diagnosed w/ epilepsy since I'm 8yr & I am now 43, but have been controlled for most of my eoilespy life. (except for 4yrs total)  I had a healthy baby girl, she was a premie, but that can be w/ anyone.  She was 5wks early.  (4.15oz She is now 3 & a very happy & healthy child. I did have to go up  on my dosage 200mg during the preg but came back down 6mths later but only 100mg.  Pregnancy changes alot, but I had complex partials which was induced by PMS.  So, hormones played a big part of my seizure.  Honestly. I controlled my self from worry, cause worry brings stress & stress can induce seizures, so i only thought happy thoughts.  best of luck to u!try, i know its very hard but try just thinking about the happy thoughts




Hi Lisa, thank you for your message. I actually started having seizures when i was 7 but it seemed as i hit puberty my seizures were connected to the PMS and Stress levels for me as well. So I may be in the same boat as you were when you had your daughter. I just worry because of chances of something happening. When you were pregnant did they take away your license for that period of time?My doctor mentioned that might happen depending on my condition when that time comes, but I'm hoping it doesn't come to that point. So the folic acid purpose, is that to take for your well being or does that help balance out something so that it stops the lamictal from affecting the baby? Thanks for listening.


Hi Elizabeth, my neurologist told me about the possibility about the cleft lip. I did my research and fortunately a cleft lip can be fixed as soon after the baby is born. I don't like thinking about a baby going into surgery at such a young age, but if it will help him/her then I feel it is worth it. Hopefully we won't have to think about that when we do become pregnant. Best wishes to you! May God bless you with a healthy baby!

I was on Lamictal when having my 1st child.  She came out just fine.  I started with 300-400mg/day and then got upwards of 1,000mg during my last month and a half of the pregnancy.

My doctor had me take 1 month early leave from work.  Everything turned out just fine.  I was put on Vitamin K for the last week before having her.  We scheduled her delivery so that there wouldn't be any surprises.  With the epilepsy thing, I had enough going on.

The whole thing was more than worth it.  There are special considerations, and you're considered high risk due to the meds, but you should be fine.  Of course, it does depend upon your biological make-up and anything else you might have going on in your life/family.  You'll be asked to go for a couple more blood tests and ultrasounds than the avg. pregnant woman, but they want to make sure that the heart is ok.  Lamictal has a very small chance of causing abnormalities with the valves of the heart, so my prediatrician made sure everything was covered.  I took folic acid the entire time.  My little one, who's 3 and a half now, is doing quite well.  Everything came out great with her, no physical abnormalities (or in any other category) and she's as smart as can be. 

Don't be afraid.  Do your research and talk to your doctor.  If you don't have an epileptologist, get one of those instead of a neurologist.  They are much more knowledgable it seems, and that's all they do.  I'm dealing with Poloycystic Ovarian Syndrom (PCOS) too, so it was very difficult getting pregnant.  Years of depakote from earlier in life caused that problem.  Here's hoping it'll be easier for you.

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Hello. I was diagnoised when I was 30. I had been married 6 months when I had my first seizure. After trying all kinds of different meds, I was stable on Keppra and Lamictal. We always knew we wanted kids, so my doctor told me the same thing, to let him know ahead of time. Well we tried for about two years, and finally in Feb 08 I became pregnant. I am sad to say I had a miscarriage. My Dr assured me it had nothing to do with my meds. I was 11 weeks when I had a D&C. I had one period, and surprise got pregnant again! I cut back on my Keppra and stayed on my Lamictal, however, I started to take Tegartol.

 My pregnancy was wonderful! The first time you feel a kick is the most exciting moment! Toward the end, my feet started to swell. I began to wear houseshoes to work! On a Tuesday night, felt bad, so I went to bed rather early. My husband went with me, thank goodness! Had probably the worst seizure ever. This was around 11pm. We live in a small town. He called 911, and the paramedics got me stable, with me still seizing, and took me to my local hospital. This hospital does not deliver babies! The ER doc put me on a vent, with IV meds to make me stop seizing and got my blood pressure under control, which was at stroke level.

 They transported me to the nearest hospital so they could deliver my baby. She was almost 6 weeks early, but good and healthy! I did not know for almost 2 days that she was born, as I was still vented. My blood pressure was 240/160 and they feel thats why all of this happened. I had just went to the dr on Monday for my checkup and my blood pressure was a little high, nothing major.

Thank goodness for all the quick response from all the people that saved both of our lives. Ava just celebrated her first birthday in January. We are thankful for her. She is the best baby anyone could ask for. Being older (35) and my first baby ,being a little "fluffy", and my epilepsy put me at high risk for complications.  After my 6 week check up, they suggested a IUD because of all of these factors. My husband is scheduled for the big "V"!!

I know this is long, but I hope it helps someone. Just make sure you see a high risk OB doc, and listen to your body. Good Luck and I hope your little is as great as Ava!




Thank You SO MUCH for sharing your story. I had a seizure while driving in Nov. of 2010 and was alone and drove thru a telephone pole, was ok(thankfully), at the time they didn't know it was a seizure, prob didn't help that I felt ok and chose not to go to the hospital. I found out I was expecting my 1st child in the beginning of Jan/2011, I had a seizure about 2 weeks after finding out, was sleeping in bed, and it woke my Fiance up. When I came to, I had my room full of EMT's and was confused and didn't even really know who I was! It was scary, even worse knowing I was pregnant. When I arrived at the hospital I was put thru alot of tests and head scans. they did an ultrasound and told us everything seemed ok. i was sent to a neuroligist and put on Lamictal, knowing I was pregnant She put me on 4mg of folic acid daily, and started my meds at a low dose and they increased weekly. At about 10-10 1/2 weeks along, I had an internal ultrasound to find out that I had miscarried. We were VERY sad and upset, But want to try again, Asap. When I came across your story it made me feel that there is hope and that we can try again and have a healthy, happy child!! Thank You so much for sharing your story with a happy ending!!

I am so happy I found this discussion... I read through some of the posts and want to ask some of the same questions and see if there is anyone out there in my situation.  I was diagnosed with epilepsy at 15 after having a grand mal seizure on a school bus.  I was put on Depakote at the time and that stopped the seizures.  I have a photosensitivity (i.e. strobe lights, sun flashing through the trees, etc) which is my trigger.  However, I am now almost 30 and have been on Lamictal for the last 8 years, seizure free.  I have been married 7 years and am finally starting to think about having children, but am absolutely TERRIFIED!!  I am a sales rep for a living, so I spend a lot of time in the car and one of my biggest fears is having a seizure while pregnant and driving.  Is there anyone out there that was in a similar situation, with controlled seizures on Lamictal??  I have read that women with few or no seizures prior to becoming pregnant are the most likely to get through pregnancy without seizures.  DOes anyone know if this is true?

And I know the importance of taking folic acid... but is it possible to just take a prenatal (with the 800 mcg folic acid) and get the rest of the recommended amount from natural food sources and fortified foods?  My neurologist prescribes a 1 MG tablet for me to take once a day and I am uncomfortable taking it... would rather get it from natural sources.  Any opinions or facts are welcome!

I absolutely love being on Lamictal, I've been seizure free for a little over 4 years now. Sleep deprivation and stress are my triggers and strobe lights can trigger my seizures as well. My neuro said I need more sleep than the average person; believe it or not, I'm lucky if I could sleep for a whole 8 hours, I'm just not tired. I could understand why you would be terrified, because you do a lot of traveling by car. I would definitely speak to your neurologist about this. As for women with few or no seizures most likely not having seizures while being pregnant-I don't know how true that is. In my opinion it's hard to say that is true because everyone's body is different, as well as their seizures and the medication that they're on. Although I stay positive and think only good things, I still have to take into consideration of the negative things that could happen. All I can do is take care of myself and continue to take my medication. Plus my husband is an EMT, so that definitely helps me feel better. Another thing my husband and I discussed are our finances, because God forbid if I do have a seizure while I'm pregnant, I'll most likely have to stay home for my entire pregnancy and go on disability; and being on disability means that I'll see less money in my paycheck.

 Is there a reason why you feel uncomfortable taking the folic acid? I've been on it since I had my first seizure and I've been fine on it.

I love the Lamictal as well and I haven't had any issues with it.  I think my biggest mental hang up about getting pregnant is my fear of having a seizure.  My OB/Gyn and Neurologist both say that I will be fine and that all they have to do is monitor my Lamictal level.  But pregnancy changes your body in so many ways and since I don't know how my body will handle it, I get worried about the negative (which I know I shouldn't do).  My husband has been pushing the issue lately and I am running out of excuses why we shouldn't try and get pregnant.  I too would have to worry about finances if I had to stay home, but I am sure I could figure something out.

I am not entirely sure why I feel uncomfortable taking the folic acid, but I just prefer to get nutrients from natural sources or fotrified foods.  Plus I usually forget to take it.

If you don't mind my asking, how much Lamictal do you take? And how far are you into your pregnancy?


I'm not pregnant yet, but we just started trying. We wanted to start trying about a year and a half ago but my husband got laid off from his job, so we had to wait. He finally got a job in July, so now we are ready for some baby making! Lol. All together I take 350mg a day. 150mg in the morning and 200mg at night. I'm a little scared myself, but I know if I let fear take over me I'm never going to have the family I want & then I'll regret it later on. You should just tell your husband the truth that you're afraid about having a seizure while pregnant, I'm sure he'll be understanding and supportive. You should also speak to other women on this website who are or were pregnant and ask them about their pregnancy. Before I found this website, I was soooo afraid to get pregnant, but after reading other women's stories and their advice I felt so much better about getting pregnant. I mean of course I'm a little scared about having a seizure, as I'm sure any woman would too, but not as much as I use to be.

My husband and I have had that talk about my fears and he always tells me not to worry and to just trust God (definitely easier said than done).  Writing back and forth to you on here has helped me a little because I don't feel "alone".  I have read many of the posts written by other women and although they are comforting, I still get scared.  I take the exact amount (at the same times) of Lamictal you do, so for me it feels great to find someone like me!! I have never had anyone that I knew who had epilepsy and I never even thought to try message boards until recently.  I need to start taking my vitamins and folic acid before I start seriously considering getting pregant and hopefully I can put my fears aside and start sometime soon!

Best of luck to you and your husband!!  Thank you so much for responding to my posts.  If the time comes and things work out for me, hopefully I can keep in touch with you!  It would be nice to feel like I have some support, even if it is only on the internet. 



I thought I would just add my story. I became epileptic when I was 15/16 and I still don't know why. I was taking Lamictal and Keppra when I fell pregnant with my 1st daughter and didn't realise for a while. I stayed on both drugs throughout the pregnancy though and she was born term and healthy. I was on Lamictal and Keppra with my son as well and he too was born term and healthy. They are 7 and 5 now and healthy, normal children. I recently had another daughter and was on Lamictal and Topamax (from 20 weeks) during that pregnancy. She was born term and is healthy. I also took 5mg of folic acic throughout and vitimin k towards the end.

Good Luck!

Hey, hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that I am 11 weeks pregnant and everything is great so far! (knock on wood). How are things with you?

I read your story and it is similar to mine. I was on Depakote and I started Lamictal in March. I want to get pregnant by the end of the year. I really hope this medicine works for me. I'm very anxious.

I'm also feeling like I may have a seizure soon. How did you adjust your Lamictal? Did you ever get a minor rash with the Lamictal?

I'm currently four 1/2 months pregnant and taking 150 mg of lamictal 3 x's a day.  I was on topamax as well but when planning the pregnancy i was weened off.  I'm one of lucky one's that my seizures have actually ceased during the entire pregnancy (before i got pregnant i was having a few per week).  I have had zero problems so far (knock on wood!) and all of our ultrasounds and blood work and testing have come back great.  I think my doctor said the statistics were something like 1/3 of women's seizures get worse, 1/3 get better and 1/3 stay the same. 

I was on lamtical when i found out i was pregant i was taking 200mg. and for some reason it was not working for me the kind of seizure i have i passout in about two second i come out of it.My doctor put me on keepra 1000mg and that made my seizure worse i was having granseizure all the way to my 5month and lost my babygirl because i had a hole in my cervix losing water.i wish there is a drug outthere for me that i know that well help and now i get so scared cause afraid of getting pregant don't want to get sick all over again.



Take 5 mg of folic acid while will either do nothing or protect the baby. It isn't a med. I wouldn't be afraid of it. One thing I learned when I was pregnant is anything can happen. Pregnancy is like a whole different beast that your body transitions into....and the unexpect can happen anytime.

Reagrding the photosensitivity. I never had this until my 8th month of pregnancy and then my light and hearing world became very difficut. You can read my story at I have done things that can be helpful. Neurofeedback, homeopathic meds, vitamins, etc...All have helped ...currently I take homeopaths to help with the photsentivity and noise sensitivity, the migraines that I have since giving birth, it seems to be helpful. I just read today that chiropratics have been used to help relieve tension in the vagal nerve which in effect has reduced seizures for some folks...The other day I disovered another interesting option ( - this was recenty published on the efa site:

Basically, if I were you I would do some homework and find some alternative therapies that might help you whether you are pregnant or not. They are out there. Some work better than others. But comparatively speaking this is an under used - untapped resource. I am trying to get pregs again and this is what I am doing. If nothing else it might offer you peace of mind and decrease the worries.


Regarding my site, the survey is complete and I hope to publish the results later this year. Unfort. it has been a hectic 2011 so far and I am behind on doing this.

Hello I read your post and felt I could relate to you. I was diagnosed with jme at 16, but I had plenty of symptoms way before  getting to that point. I've been on depakote for 15 years, but I weaning off it and transitioning to Lamictal. I'm very anxious right now because I have no idea how my body will react.

I want to get pregnant by the end of year. I had my first child when I was 20 and it was seizure-free and on depakote. I will never get pregnant while on Depakote, NEVER. My daughter had a lot of complications and ended up in the NICU for months.

I'm also very terrified.

How are things going for you so far? Any advice?

 Thanks! SR

I am 26 years old and have been on 400mg of Lamictal and 300mg of Zonegran since im 13. I have a healthy 2 year old baby boy and recently found out Im 11 weeks pregnant. I was also very nervouse when I found out I was pregnant because I knew the side effects that could effect the baby but I worked closely with my neurologist and my lamictal being adjusted and everything worked out fine. Dont worry, just take care of yourself and go to your obgyn and neuro and youll be fine. 

LBI am just following up to a comment i did 8/27 when i was still pregnant and the ultrasounds were all  normal. (i was still an uncontrolled E and on 4 anticonvulsants).  My baby boy is now 14 months, active and healthy and loves people and for the first time since i have had E I have gone more than 1 year without a Grand Mal....God is sooo good.

I have been in your situation when my husband & I discovered that we wanted to TTC about four months ago. When I finally brought it up with my doctor (after working up the courage) he took some time to look up some information & talked with me about my options. He also said that it's important to notify him about 6 months ahead of time so that we can properly configure the medication before we actively TTC & we discussed the different medications that could be used in an effort to be control seizures as well as support a healthy possible pregnacy.

What we found out after doing a lot of research (research is the key) is that the risks of Lamictal kind of depend on the woman & the type/severity of epilepsy but from what he said, the benefits of staying on it can outweigh the possible negative. When we first talked about it, it was about three months ago but he confidently found out some important information. After he researched it, he told me that one of the most common possible side effects is low birth weight & preclamsia as well as premature birth. Because of this he decided to add Diamox before we were actively TTC to try to introduce a new medication, mostly used to manage high blood pressure. His plan was to start me on it & when we began to fully, actively TTC, possibly switch to using it as the main medication. 

After we started it, I really felt no difference. In a way I didn't feel like it even was necessary to try it. However I never had enough guts to switch to it entirely because I have had such a good run with Lamotragine. Bottom line was that he basically suggested that the benefits to my health would outweigh the negatives that might be caused by the use of it while pregnant.

The most important thing is to remember that this was my experience & i experience a different set of seizure activity then you do. I have simple partial seizures as well as absence & complex partial seizures but never experiance convulsions. Even though they are horrible to go through, they are obviously not the most serious types of epilepsy so I think the best thing to do would be to talk to your gynocologist as much as you can while working with your neurologist. It is hard sometimes to get them to work together but after a few tries, I was able to get them on the same page. 

Hope that helps & good luck!! Let me know how it goes!

Hi there! I am wondering how often you had your partial seizures and if you had them during your pregnancy. How has the pregnancy/ birth been for you? I went through surgery last year and my partial seizures were reduced from 12-20/ day to around 2-3/day. The one high-risk OBGYN that I talked to said that he has never had a patient with so many partials per day and worried what my hormones might do to the frequency and severity of the seizures. He also worried that I might be holding my breath during the seizures, endangering the baby (low oxygen levels). Right now I am on 600mg lamictal and 1200mg Trileptal. He also said he would want me off the Trileptal.

All of this seemed rather extreme to me, but I realize he has to be conservative...

I would love to hear your experience with your docs, pregnancy, etc.

Stacey M.

Hi everyone,

I have had tempral lobe epilepsy since i was 3. I am now 27 and my husband and i are wanting to start sorting out my medications before trying to get pregnant.
I am taking 400mg lamictal, 800mg tegretol and 50mg topomax per day. My neurologist wants to change me completely over to trileptal, but after reading all your seems to make more sense to stay on the lamictal and phase out the tegretol and topomax. He also said that stressing about the complications from being on medication will probably cause more damage to the baby than the actual medication. Is this true?

I also recently started a very strict diet through a doctor in Germany called Metabolic Balance which has helped a lot of epileptic people to decrease their seizures and medication, so I'm hoping that this will also work.

I cannot go without one of my pills per day, otherwise I have a seizure when i wake up the next morning, so going off my medication at the moment is not an option at all.

The next question I have is natural birth versus a ceasarian? I'd like to have natural birth, but i'm worried that the stress and pushing and contractions and everything your body goes through with natural birth is too much and will cause a seizure during the birth. On the other hand, how do the meds handle the epidural and drugs used in a caesarian, and would that be more dangerous for me and the baby?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! :)
Thanks, Lisa from South Africa


hi i was pregnant on lamictal,tegratol xr,keppra,adavain,i have to beautiful HEALTHY girls:) 16 and 4 no birth defects ,my 16 yr is a straight A student  And  the little one smart as a whip,i know the doctors and friends and family can scare the pants off you, i di have more siezures with my 4 yr old but not with my 16 yr old maybe because i was younger ,but all i can tell you is my girls turned out perfect,but i worried and prayed alot,don't let it stop you from the joy of having a family..siezures can take alot away but this is one thing i get to be normal and enjoy just like everyone else...and so should you!!......... all good wishes to you....Aimee in dayton.


I just joined this website. I think is great to have the chance to share with others our fears, our worries and also our stories of success. I am 35 years old and trying to get pregnant for the first time in my life. I am on 450 mg of lamictal daily. I already told my neurologist and he ordered a couple of tests. Mysister who is 3 years younger than me is also epileptic. She has been on lamictal for years now and two years ago, 2010 had a beautiful, smart, healthy baby that has never gotten sick, even though she couldn't breast feed. He is the most adorable baby I have seen! My sister takes a lower dosis than me, and has had only 2 seizures in her life, unlike me that I've had quite a few. But I've been seizure free since 2007, 5-6 years now. I am also worried about the birth defects but on the other hand I haven't heard or read of anybody on lamictal giving birth to a sick or deformed child. That gives me hope. Wanted to share with you another story of success, and I hope it is the same with me if I get pregnant. Good luck to all and God bless you!

Although yes, one day I WANT to get pregnant, I currently think I may be. I'm a little scared to take the test though. I'm currently on 600mg Lamictal 150mg Zonegran and 1mg+ Clonazepam / day. I haven't had a grand mal seizure since December now but I still have the myoclonic and simple partial multiple times a week. I have no insurance so I can't go to the doctor, we can only play phone tag. This is something that I really would like another in the same position's POV. And for all of you questioning folic acid, since I was diagnosed at 11, my doctors have told me 1mg daily unless there's a chance of pregnancy in which case 4mg. It was initially thought to be epileptogenic, but that is no longer the case. However they did find that low serum and red blood cell levels of folic acid in pregnant women increase the risk of fetal birth defects.

I am Sasha from Germany i want to thank DR.Monodu for the herbal drugs he gave me and for the very first time in my life i was able to conceive within 21 days after i took the drugs.Today i am a proud mother of two lovely kids thanks to Dr.Monodu whose contact details are: or you can call him on +2348064013760 and i assure you within 21days you will be in greater joy

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