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Trying to get pregnant while on depakote! HELP!

So I need help here.  I'm 23 years old and my fiance and I want to have a baby.  He's had a child in the past so we know he's ok to have kids.  I'm scared because I don't know if I will be able to, or if I can, if our child will be ok.  I am on depakote and lamictal.  I have been on them since I was 17 and I really want to stop taking depakote.  I used to be just on lamictal but I still had seizures so my neuro put me on depakote too. 

I would talk to my doctor about getting pregnant but I have some road blocks.  First, I just lost my job and now I have no insurance.  I can't afford to pay the bill to see my doctor but I know I need to speak with him about this.  I have normal periods and cycles, and I feel like everything is ok with me, but is my medicine going to keep me from conceiving?  We've only been trying for about a month, and if and when I get pregnant, does anyone who has been on depakote and taken it through their pregnancy have any advice for me?  I also started taking folic acid and I've been trying to do what I can now without the help of my doctor because of the situation I'm in.  We want to have a baby so much, and I just can't help but worry that because of this illness or maybe simply the drugs that it won't happen :o(  What should I do???  HELP PLEASE!!!!!

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