Lost and confused ( long post)

A little history when this all began I was rushed to the hospital for passing out and was told it was low blood sugar.  A few moths later while seeing my general doctor I told her about these black outs I was having in which I was conscious but would go completely blank.  She then referred me to a great neurologist that goes above and beyond the call of duty.  After several test eegs, ct scans, mri's and several medications she referred me to an epitoligist.  They have been working together for several months, with many more test after the video EEG I was diagnosed with complex partial seizures.  Currently I am on keppra, trilepatol (sp) and slowly increasing my dose age of vimpat .  Along this journey I started keeping a seizure calendar, which seem to run in a pattern the seizures start the week before my period increase the week of my period and the week after are out of control.  The seizures havenot only increased but  became varied. One time I may have a black the next I may have symptoms my sitter recognizes, but I don't realize at the time, and next thing you know I'm waking up in the floor, I may or may not have a loss of bladder.  It's became so bad I now wear a helmet and have to stay with someone 24/7.  The doctors are afraid I'm having having different types of seizures so  I am going back for a more detailed video EEG where ther will also be a tech with me around the clock so that as soon as a seizure happens I will be injected with something and taken immediately for scans. 

Plate note around my menstral cycle I also take Ativan.  Also almost all seizures I'm confused and tired, the blacks outs after awhile I can recall what happened anything other than that I remember nothing. My memory has decreased greatly and each seizure makes me a bit mean.I've lost two jobs because of this ( in the beginning) haven't been able to work in over a year now, which is leading to some depression.   I also have trouble sleeping which I assumed was from working third shift for over ten years but now realize it may be because of the seizures. And I also have seizures in my sleep.

Im not looking for a diagnoses from you guys just input and opinions, what other type of seizures should I be researching and opinions about the ketogenic diet.  Do you think it would be helpful, why or why not.  And opinions about questions I should be asking my doctors upon this next visit.  Just any input would be helpful at this point please and thank you.