Keppra is making my sex drive go up!?

i was taking 1000 mg a day of Keppra when i first got diagnosed with epilepsy

a week later i started taking 1500 mg

and i took one in the morning two at night

ever since i started taking two

i have been really horny

it scares me and my boyfriend because i used to be a shy quiet girl


now i cant stop thinking like this

is this normal?

most people said their sex drive went down on Keppra but mine went up...

please help me

thank you


Re: Keppra is making my sex drive go up!?

I just started on Keppra this week and haven't noticed that kind of effect.  I seriously hope it affects me like that because I have no drive at all.  I have noticed that I've been more nervous this week after being on it and from what I've read, that's pretty normal.  If you're concerned, contact your doctor about this.