JME or Myoclonic? Afraid of pregnancy

I'm new to these forums but there are questions I've had for years... I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was about 8 when I passed out a couple of times.  I was put on Tegretol and was fine. I was taken off the medince a couple years later when they thought I outgrew it. When I was in high school I started getting the myoclonic jerks first thing in the morning. I thought this was normal until I went to a doctor when I was 18 and was diagnosed with Myoclonic epilepsy. I started Lamital 200 mg/day. I am now 27 and my new doctor thinks it is JME. What is the difference between the two? Also, I read that most people with JME have tonic clonic seizures in addition to myoclonic.  I have never had one and I live my life in fear of having one.  I get such bad anxiety sometimes wondering if I will have a seizure. Do you think I will one day have one? I know my medicication level is low but I have been seizure free on it for 9 years. 

My other main concern is pregnancy.  I hope to be able to have babies but I am so afaid of pregnancy with epilepsy. I think that while I am pre gnant I will have seizures. My doctor told me he would raise my Lamictal levels while I am pregnant but I still worry. Am I being irrational?  I also fear that the Lamical will lead to having a chld with a birth defect. Or that I will pass my epilepsy to my offspring. I'd love to hear some stories both positive and negative... especially those related to Lamictal.