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Getting seizures in menstrual cycle

Hello please help me on my condition . I am jessica 23 year old and married. I got seizures twice in my entire life one at 19 years old and another recently 4 months back,but both were appeared in period time and also i was too weak both times because 1st time i was suffering from malaria fever and 2nd time i was on sever dieting . At first time i had consulted doctor (neuro physician) and he had wrote diolex 500mg for 3 years ,but unfortunetly i have PCOD problem too and for that i have been using yamini is ever since i knew i had this problem .So due to that problem i had to stop the medication for seizures after 2 years from the day i had started . Unfortunately again i had mate with seizures and i had to start medication again ,but new drug levipil1000 mg was replaced old one . My husband has decided give divorce for my health condition .So this is my life and death issue please kindly tell me is this serious seizure or normal one.

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