Epilepsy or am I losing my mind?

Hi, I didn't know where else to go or who to ask. I am 30 years old and currently 17 weeks pregnant. I started having these weird very strong deja-vu things when I was about 8 weeks pregnant. I can feel them coming on and it overtakes my body for a moment but I can still move and talk. My thighs get a little tingly into my stomach, my hands sweat, I get a weird queasy sensation and I get a very strong deja-vu of something that I know is not something I have ever experienced. It is super bizarre. 

I asked my OBGYN about it and she said it has nothing to do with pregnancy. She referred me to a neurologist where I got a sleep deprived EEG and it came back clear. They now want me to do the 3-5 day in hospital video EEG test. I do not want to do this test.

I have a couple of questions:

I have now gone 13 days without "an attack" so I am thinking they are gone. How long have you gone between temporal lobe seizures? 

How do I know if this is a panic attack or a seizure?

Any insight would be extremely appreciated!!!! Thank you!