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Can anyone relate to these symptoms/simple partial seizure?

I have been experiencing this since I was very little... the best way I can describe the sensation is my head is that it  feels like it's trying to make a "T" sound. Like a build up of pressure but the sound is never made.

When you make the "Teh" sound your tongue touches the top of your mouth it feels like I am about to finish that sound but I am not speaking, or moving and though I am aware I can't seem to experience anything else. 

A wave of stagnance comes in and I have trouble breathing for a moment (it lasts about five seconds but the feeling in my throat lasts for sometimes an hour or more? 

Sometimes I experience this several times in a row or not for two weeks or two months. I don't know what triggers it. I know that I have been aware though when it happens. 

I usually feel agitated or anxious afterwards, with tightness in my chest, and would like to sit down.

I also have very quick flashbacks of dreams I've had in the past, sometimes several times in a row. I have spots in my vision when this happens, blue, purple and white and I feel very detached and think there might be a smell but it happens so quickly. Does this happen to anyone else? 

I am going in for  EEG monotoring for a week pretty soon, but I obviously can't make it happen. If you know anything about this I'd appreciate knowing more about what's going on.





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