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Would appreciate feedback from professionals or those who might experience what I am experiencing

Since December, I have experienced seemingly out of no where, first a "rush" like on top of a roller coaster ready to descend (it's not a good feeling), goosebumps down both arms, and dejavu, usually feeling like I know the person who I happen to be looking at just when this episode happens. I am aware during these episodes and they are distressing. I am not going out walking or going to church because I usually pass the communion plate, and I am concerned about having an episode while I'm doing that, and don't want to drop the plate! Have had 10 episodes today. Episodes occurred initially few and far between but now are increasing in intensity and frequency, but I can still go 2 weeks without having any. Haven't seen doctor yet but plan to asap. It seems like these are simple partial seizures, but don't know why I would be experiencing this at all. Your input is much appreciated.

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