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Cyber Command (being excluded from uniform b/c of epilepsy)

One thing I wish someone could explain is why the military has a Cyber Command. I think there is a need to protect the US from computer attacks, but my question here is why does the Dept of Defense, specifically someone in uniform, need to be in charge of it?

They teach Marines that no matter what they do, they must always be prepared to be a rifleman. Fair enough.

But in the Air Force, not everyone needs to be a pilot and be in the medical condition to be a pilot. But why must someone who is fighting computer viruses need to meet the same medical requirements as an infantryman? Where I work, half the people are people in uniform. But they all serve as project managers, COTRs, program control officers (accountants), and contract officers. I bet half the people at NRO have never touched a rifle. So why can't I wear a uniform and perform these jobs? The thought that someone with epilepsy will never be able to command the Cyber Command (or any of these other non-combat MOS's) makes me furious. When is someone going to make it so that I don't need a special exception to perform one of these jobs?

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