Pseudo Seizures


Please would someone explain to me what Psuedo Seizures are and whether you have altered awareness during the seizure.?? Are you given meds for them? Someone suggested on this site that I may have them and I don't know anything about this type of seizure. I know that I do have Complex Partial Seizures which could end up as a Tonic-Clonic Seizure if I don't take my meds as prescribed.

All replies welcomed. Thanks!


Re: Pseudo Seizures

Hi Pinkangle,
I have what you have, only the referred name now for these typ of seizures is PNES. Physchogenic non-epileptic seizures. No you are not aware of them happening but 8 out of 10 people with this will have some type of trigger that brings the seizures on. Most people with this have been through sometype of abuse, either verbal or physical and or lost a loved one or went through some other type of trauma.
If you go too and punch in P.N.E.S you will get plenty of information that is very helpfull. Educate your self, I know my Doctors never told me half of what I have been able too learn.
Any other concerns or questions just give me a holler, and yes you can get short term disability too, just make sure you get your Dr. to support your claim and any other family or friends that have witnessed your seizures will help as well.
Good luck, Joyce

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Hi Joyce

I have not said I have Psuedo Seizures or ever been diagnosed with it by the medical profession. You are the one who is implying that I do and so because of this you have put more concerns and worries for me to sort out before my pending surgery.

I do know for a fact that I have Complex Partial Seizures which could also be Tonic Clonic Seizures if I stop taking my AED's. I have also been told by my Neurologist that I do have abnormal electrical impulses in the brain of which cause my seizures from when I had a ordinary EEG about 16 years ago during a month's stay in hospital. It was during my stay at that hospital that I last had a Tonic Clonic seizure where I was also given the oxygen mask to help control my breathing.

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I am sorry, I wrote the wrong message and sent it to the wrong person, . I hope I did not cause you to be too angry or upset if at all, once again I am sorry for the confusion.
Hope you are doing well and having a pleasent weekend.