temporal lobe syndrome vs. temporal lobe epilepsy

I was just diagnosed with temporal lobe syndrome.  My neurologist explained that it means that my symptoms are not severe enough to be diagnosed as temoral lobe epilepsy.  However, I am already taking Tegretol for another condition (bipolar type II), so it's alittle hard to tell how severe my symptoms would be without it.

 Has anyone else been diagnosed with T.E. syndrome rather than T.E. epilesy?

When I did an on-line search for T.E. syndrome, it seemed to equate that with epilepsy.

Also, has anyone else been diagnosed additionally with  bipolar disease.?.My neurologist seems to think that some of my bipolar symptoms may actually be T.E. symptoms (primarily the irritableness) 

Thanks - bookbabe 


Re: temporal lobe syndrome vs. temporal lobe epilepsy

I have a Bipolar type 2, and I take tegretol for it. Tegretol originally controlled my seizures, but when I stopped having them I went off the medicine. I had an episode and now I am back on the meds.