would you date someone w/epilepsy?


I know this guy who has epilepsy and he's pretty hot. People see scars from his surgeries and are disgusted but we know what they're from. They're like battle scars. Shows where we've been in life. We've gone out but it was a group "date". But would you ever date someone who has epilepsy? I only ask not just in this case but dating someone long-term.


If you really like this guy

If you really like this guy are you really going to let epilepsy stand in your way?  His scars show how far he's been in life, and that he's a surviver which makes him more of a man in my book!  have you ever had to go through surgery, let alone brain surgery?  If you really like this guy you'll like him for everything that he is!

Re: would you date someone w/epilepsy?

Sure I would. If you like him, then why wouldn't you?

Re: would you date someone w/epilepsy?

Why be afraid of someone you really like. Why let the "public" decide who you can and cant date? I know I would date someone who cares about me, is my kind of guy, and understands me better than all the rest of the guys. I have never been on this side of the "boat" I have always been on the other side where I worry that no one will date me because I have E. But I have found out that as long as you dont let it limit you.....you can do what ever you want. Some of the guys I have dated liked me until they found out then they either dumped me or just talked to me. But on the other hand I have found one guy that doesnt care about my E, he cares about me and how I care about myself. So you make the decision because in the long run it is your life and you should do what you want.
I hope I helped you out some how!!
Just Remember that "Normal is just a setting on the washing machine, and people that have Epilepsy are far from normal!!!!!" ;)