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Hi everyone, my name is Natalie and I'm sixteen. Iv never had seizures before an we really have no idea of what's happening to me is siezures. This past Wednesday I was in a room with loud music and really strong lights with about 200 people. About an hour before I had a really bad headache and any kind of sound hurt. We were all standing and while the lights and music were going and I felt dizzy then suddenly I fell ( I didn't hit anything) I lost about five seconds and I was twitching and moving a And there we two nurses there and tey both work in the icu an er in our local hospital and they both said it look like I was having a mild seizure. But I was completely aware during those five minutes but I couldn't move my body only eyes. Then I had another one but there were no symptoms it just happened this time the twitching wasn't as bad but I couldn't breath and was panicking and this time I wasn't as aware. People there also said that it was like I was falling asleep and I did remeber it feeling like I was falling asleep. Please help me I really would like to know what is happening!!!

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