Some type of sleep seizure?


Hello everyone I'm new to this site I'm a 14 year old girl and I was wondering if anybody has what I do or the same symptoms and I would like to know if any of you can help me out a little. Sorry if this is long.

I'm laying down like any other night ready to go to sleep, then when I get in that state where I'm what I call "dozing off" into my sleep state, I get this almost sudden intense tingling feeling in my head (head only). I can shake this feeling off right before I fall into one of these episodes but it's hard to because when it happens my body wants to stiffen up. (Yes I am conscious and fully aware of what is happening) or you can say feel like I'm stuck in the middle of conscious and I'm about to become un-consciousness or faint. Anyhow, most of the time I do not shake it off because of my body not wanting to move. When it happens I feel that same tingling but even more intense to where it hurts. I can not move nor can I make any noise during these. But I do notice my head always tries to kind of "shake it off" because all the pain is in my head and I can stop my head from moving during this but if I do the tingling instantly stops and it is like my heart is in my ears and causes a terrible head ache. My head pounds. (Before I say anything else these episodes only last up to 10 seconds at the longest 15.) After it stops, it's a sudden feeling of relief except then is when I get very dizzy. I felt like I have been going in circles with my eyes crossed for a minute. It's intense to where I can almost not see. I know exactly how it felt and what has happened afterwards, with no memory loss at all. But I do feel instantly more drowsy than I hsve before it happened. Therefore, I can accidentally fall into one of these almost exactly 5 seconds after it has just happened. The second one is no worse than the first. The most I have had I believe is 4 continuously. I was about 11 years old. But it's almost like I was relaxed by it and I sort of liked it. BUT they were more frequent then and they were almost painless so I can understand why I did not wonder what is was then as much as I do now, though they have slowed down quite a bit. The last one I have had was exactly a week ago.(I almost had 2 but shook myself out of the second one and before that one I had one about 3 months ago). I am going to a neurologist soon but I would like to know others opinions on this too. :)

(P.S. I do not know if I have any movement during this because when a friend was over the same thing happened to me right beside him and he did not knowing any difference than me laying there.)