Seizures: Ambitions and Independence


Hi! My name is Carolina and I am 22 years old. I am a patient of partial seizures and I am currently under Depakote. These episodes occur two(2) or three(3) times a year, to to the most. Even though the seizures are now taking place on a less frequent basis, in comparison to when I was a small girl, this is still the frustrating part. It is due to those small number of seconds for two or three times a year that I cannot be independent, work for my dreams and still live with my family.To start with, I am already a senior at the University of Miami and I am currently studying International Relations and Economics. With respect to my progress in academics I would have to evaluate it as "O.K." due to the fact that I,myself, am a high-demanding person in my achievements. Sometimes for people like me, with epileptic seizures, an overwhelming amount of assignments and personal ambitions is not recommendable, in my opinion. I have tried to do my basic tasks (basic readings, practice problems, etc.) and next, I have also tried to do the extra readings and research simply for personal satisfaction. However, it is too much for a person with epilepsy as far as I have experienced it. In the first place, it adds a greater amount of stress to my daily life. Next, sleep deprivation is more common throughout the semester. Thus, seizures are more likely to occur. Above all, I live with my parents and my brother (this is the way I have been raised, and I have to admit I like it somehow) and I cannot drive AT ALL. Even though my dad is willing to take me and pick me up whenever is necessary, I want to take this chance to express that it is really frustrating and it makes me very uncomfortable and depressed to watch others go the uniersity with their cars while I still have to depend on another's will. Moreover, keep in mind, my dad is not my chofer and so I have to adjust to his time schedule, which varies somewhat from week to week. Overall, the worst part of this sort of arrangement is that I always need to consult with my mom, dad or brother to see if they can get me where I need or wish to go causing them the least problems possible in their daily lives. I mean, I have high ambitions to move up in my career for example. However, in order for this to be done I need to move, pick up my keys and get my homework done. Time is too precious. If I could, I would not mind taking more all-nighters in order to complete my basic and extra assignments. Though, since I cannot do this, does this mean that high ambitions is bad for me?Last of all, at the time of going out with friends, a car, again is indispensable and I live about 20 or 30 minutes max. away from the university.I believe, next year, hopefully when I choose to go to grad school I might have to choose a school in BOSTON or some other one of the FEW cities in the U.S. where you don't need a car because public transportation is reliable and an efficient means to go from place to place.Otherwise, I just hope medical science finds a cure to this condition.Take care,wish you all the best of luck!Carolina ParedesIs there anybody who understands what I am going through at this moment? Thanks for your reply.


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Hi carolina22  i am Tany I am From atlanta i Am 21 years old you are 1 year older then me but thats ok i have the same thing as you i thing caroline and i have seizures my seziures are grandmal seziure but when you said you have them 2 or 3 times in the same day i thing mines is that way to but like you said you been taking depkota  i took that long time ago and the tekhetal to  and it did not work and me they again put me on depkota then it did not work and now i am taking clozapam 0.5mg and now i am under control with the pills that i am taking now from 3 seizures i had in the same days after the 3  seizure after 6 months ago i did not have any more i would like to become your friend and talk to each other abouth our seziures my mom also has seizure complex and grandmal nice too see you bye love ya

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Carolina,I have uncontrolled seizures and I got out on my own.I was 28 when I finally did in metro Atlanta where it has public transportation.I have taken the subway and the bus since 1990.I'm now 42 and married to someone I met at the epilepsy foundation whose seizures got under control when he surgery when he was 17 and he hasn't had one since in 1972. My surgery was in 1982 and didn't work.I've never driven and I'm a very determined person.MY intractable seizures will never be controlled and it's been 40 yrs. Belinda

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Hi Carolina,

I know you posted 6 years ago, but I hope that things have turned out well. I live in Boston (although I can currently drive, it's nice to know that everything will be okay if I can't again), and it is a great city! I'd love to hear how things are going.