Petit Mal Epilepsy


Hi there i am now 16, and i have had petit mal epilepsy for 11 nearly 12 years. i find it quite hard to cope with especially the fact i wont be able to start driving in 4 months and many of my friends will.
I dont really know how and why i got epilepsy but i have heard that if you have a high IQ it is more likely to affect you. is that true?
Also if i want to try alternative treatments such as omega 3 tablets should i still take the medication i am on. I am currently taking Eplim and Ethosuximide which equals out as 7 tablets twice a day. so i was hoping to try and come off it because it is not working.
Does anybody no any other forms of treatment that help such as acupuncture and if they do which are better for petit mal? please write back asap im getting desperate


Re: Petit Mal Epilepsy

Hi buddy my name is Gina and I have had epilepsy since I was 8 mounths old. It has been really hard to fit right in all these years and going to school. I am also 16 years old, in 10th grade and I have complex partical seizures. I have at least 1 seizure a day normally. I had brain surgery when I was 9 years old back in 3rd grade because I had a tumor in my head and at that time I was haveing at least 1 grand mall seizure a day and no medicen was working for me. I hated going to school when my seizures were that bad because everyone use to pick on me and I struggled so much in school. Don't worry about how we don't get to drive. By the way what state to you live in. me well I live in california. ok well I will talk to you later and you can email me eather here or at take care From Gina

Re: Petit Mal Epilepsy

Hey, Im 16 as well and Im still not driving either so dont feel bad, my doctor wanted me to wait awhile after I had my second seizure, I have Petit Mal Seizures too, but i have the VERY mild case. And I dont think that if you have an high IQ that epilepsy affects you more. But just thought i would share that with you. :D

Re: Petit Mal Epilepsy

Hey, I'm 18 and can't rive either. It really really sucks. Almost all my friends can drive and I only get to sit in the passenger seat. Exactly what I don't need. No, I don't think having a high IQ has anything to do with seizures. I used to be an A student and was on the honor roll until I got epilepsy and became a C student and had temper issues. It's nothing to do with IQ because many famous people that invent things and are smart had epilepsy as well.