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so... i'm new here. i'm Lyndel, and i had my first seizure 15 days ago. i went to have an EEG last week and it turns out i have Frontal Lobe Epilepsy though i'm sure that was my first. it was so depressing for me, having heard i have epilepsy when i thought i was just a normal 17 year old boy living my normal life, studying to be an architect, and... you know... just living. well, before that happened i had this feeling (an aura i guess...) it started a few months ago, a really weird feeling that i would find myself awake at night, sometimes palpitating, and unable to breath. this feeling just creeps the hell out of me and is very, very, very irritating and it keeps going until now. when sometimes i would think about this feeling, it just starts coming back to me. it's like an out of the body experience feeling that everytime i felt it, i was willing to be dead. their are so many questions in my head like... why me? is anyone out their that is experiencing the same situation as me? does epilepsy go away forever? would i be normal again?... so many questions i want to be answered. 

so now, i'm under medication of ivetra 500mg and i can't feel any change at all. *sigh i just wish this is just a bad dream... but it just hurts so much... just hurts so much. 

so... that's just me telling my story.


:) Hope we all get better.


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