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It's a struggle isn’t it? To be pulled away and lose control of yourself. I'm 15 and have complex Partial Seizures. January 24th, 2012 was when I had my first (known) seizure. I was on a field trip with my school. My class and I were listening to a speaker about endangered birds and out of nowhere I stood up and shouted to the person next to me, “We do not tell lies some people hate more than others” and did some weird jerk movement with my arm. (Just to add this is based on what I heard because I have no recollection of this event whatsoever)

          My friends told me later that day when we were eating dinner (because it was an overnight field trip). At first I thought I was like getting punk’d. Until I talked to my teachers about it because so much of my friends where telling me the same thing. And sure enough they told me the same thing. I was in shock, a deep dread came upon me. I then went back to the table I was eating at and full on started balling I didn’t care who was watching. I couldn’t comprehend what just happened to me. I don’t think any of us (epileptics) could comprehend what happened to us on our first seizure.

          So far after 2 years my epilepsy has only gotten worse and severely affected my social life, brain, and life in general. I plan to add on more to this letter.

Please write back I need to know someone has read this letter. 

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