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kindly someone explain this.


hello everyone

at the moment i am not sure what i have (this is due the reason that i am in an institute where epilepsy is a career breaker and until i return home for vacations i cant get tested i mean eeg and panel test done.)what gappened few weeks ago was that i was in a class and i was sleeping (yes i was dozing off) i was sitting on a chair and my head resting upon the desk , then suddenly i fell and according to my friends i started shaking like iwas electrocuted i was foaming too. my ECG was normal but blood sugar was low and i was also skipping meals. it happened in the morning and i went to the classes without breakfast.

i know only proper test can rule out epilepsy but still what do you think i have

it was low blood sugar? or what else can it be
i am a healthy young male with no medical conditions

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