I'm scared and don't know what to do


I've had seizures for 10 years. I have simple partial seizures. My seizures are really simple, my head turns to the left and I get a tingling up and down my body and sometimes my shoulder twitches. I started having seizures like that august of 06. Before it was just a tingling in my arm. But recently my seizures have become more frequent. I had two seizures last week which is more than normal, I usually only have one. Both were at school which is odd in itself cause usually I have them after 5 o' clock. No one has ever seen me have my new seizures cause I'm usually in my room when I have them. My friend saw it though and she said I was staring off into space before my head turned. I never noticed I did that until she mentioned it. Looking back I have tended to stare without actually seeing before I have my normal seizure. I was thinking that I might have absence seizures along with my simple partial. I never noticed I did that before and it seems my seizures are getting worse. I'm scared, I don't want to start having grand mals, I've only had one and I don't want to start have lots now. I'm scared and don't know what to do. My parents try to help but no matter what they say it doesn't help. I just realized this new development so my doctors don't know but I am going to get a video monitoring. But I don't know whats going on and I'm scared. What do I do?


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I have partial seizures all the time. I normally have them when I overheat. I don't really rember what happened during the seizure

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hey! ive had seizures since i was 5 and im 18 now, in college now! i have petit mal, gran mal and complex partial where i am concious just have no control over my body. luckily last two are now controlled so i just have absences now! but through middle and early high school years i had gran mal on average about 2 a month! and i was so anxious about my friends seeing them, but what i did was act like although it is important it isnt a big deal and made a laugh of it! and i used it to my advantage, because although i only had two gran mals at school once they see you have one, the ones that are still there to hang out with and help you, then you know they're your real mates and the rest arent worth being your friend! lol and to having the gran mals, but there's nothing to worry about, you prob wont get them and if you do, then still dont worry, the stress is worse and they dont last that long :-) and if your friends look a bit shocked just means they're a littled scared but will get used to it soon! what med you on? hope it helped? anyway if you wana talk my email is spikeyduderocks@hotmail.com

matt from england

I agree 100% with Matt. I

I agree 100% with Matt. I had 2 or 3 when I was in high school, and a few of my so called "friends" got creeped out and didnt want anything to do with me anymore. But I've still got all the others who I know for sure are definitely worth keeping by my side. I also did as Matt did. After my closer friends saw me have a few seizures, I also used it to my advantage. I still do. My latest seizure, I came to, and I had a black eye and we got a real good kick outta that. But if you do start having lots of GMs as I do, the most I could say would be to just try and take it a step at a time, see what works for you and what doesnt.

-Aaron, EH!