I don't know what to call this.. :P


Anyway, I was at work about two weeks ago.  I wasn't feeling right.  Then suddenly I just started to shake.  I had no idea what was happening to me.  My boss sent me home.  The shaking continued that night and the next day.  My mom finally brought me to the ER when my legs gave out and I fell to the floor.  Once I was being seen by a doctor, he was making me follow his finger with me eyes and I had another one.  He told me and my mom that it looked just like a Focal Seizure.  I had all sorts of test done that night but they found nothing.  I keep having the shaking.  My head hurts.  I feel like I'm just there and I dont feel like myself.  My legs will sometimes give out without warning.  My parents took me out of school this semester.  I'm not working until I've got this all figured out.  I'm scared to be honest.  It feels like I'm forgetting stuff.  I've been doing research and I just memory loss is common.  I hope to get results soon.  Yesterday I had my MRI and tomorrow is my EEG.  The thing is, I have no history in my family of this.  I have not had a brain injury.  Can they just suddenly start?


Re: I don't know what to call this.. :P


Sounds like you need more testing to see what is wrong.  Maybe a video EEG will capture these shaking periods and you can get the help you need.  Have you had blood work done during these shaking periods?

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