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Hi everyone my name is Gina; I am 17 years old and a senior in high school. Even though my epilepsy isn't sever I still really feel like a total out sider. It’s not that fun epically at school. I struggle in school a lot epically when it comes to school home work and making new friends because they don’t always get what we are going through in our every day lives. I love to swim in the pool all the time. I also take private piano lesions and do crafts in my spare time for fun like knitting bags and more. I find them very fun. I don’t drive which is pirty disappointing because all of my friends get to. Does anyone feel the same way as me? Talk to ya’ll later.


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hey everybody. can anyone help me?im 16, and a junior in high school.   i have abcense seizures, and they're really bad. i moved to a new state 6 months ago, and still have 0 friends. the kids at school call me retarded, and im missing a lot of school. i cant keep up!!! i feel depressed a lot, and am crying a lot. i am my own person, but feel very lonly from no social interaction. the only light for me is my bowling and my books. i want to chat online about this. anyone else have the same prob??? help!!!!!!!!

yeah highschool

who cares what other people think, good friends will always stick by you and the dont give a rats
ass what diagnoses you have, everybody has flaws and if people know them there more acccepting
of who you are, im at high school and those people who respect it are my mates and thats
all there is to it. I always stand up for myself.

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Hi Gina,
I felt the same way when I was a senior. I graduated in '06. I have TLE. I hated not being able to drive and doing other stuff with friends (you know parents over-react and will not let you out of their site). It was kind of embarrasing having to have your parents drop me off at school or dropping me off for senior activities, and then having to wait for them to pick me up. I hope that doesn't cause too much of a problem for you.
My main problem was having a hard time remembering stuff (like for tests and everything). You know the TLs are where your memory and speech come from. I would study for about one or two hours the night before a test, and when the test came, I could not remember the stuff and I failed the test. I took Calculus my senior year, my teacher did not believe I had seizures and would not even help me on problems when I needed it. All she would do is yell at me, and tell me to go figure it out myself, so of course I did not do too well in that class. Fortunately I was good buds with the principal and he let my drop the 2nd semester of Calculus, since I only needed the one math credit. I also took A&P. I had a VERY hard time on the tests where you had to name all the bones, muscles, veins, and arteries of the body. So of course, I did not do too well in there either. I hated when I had memorization work in English. I had to study about one hour to be able to memorize about six lines. My teacher looked at me like I was crazy on that. She told me that it only takes her about five minutes to memorize that. I think the only teacher that helped me out was my Healthcare Science teacher. I think one reason he did is because he actually knows what seizure are and the side effects they can cause. I worried my whole senior year that I would fail too many classes or get kick out of National Honor Society.
So anyway, to make things short, I hope you do not have these kind of problems that I had. My friends understood what I was going through, so that was not too bad for me. I hope your senior year goes great. Good luck!

I had the same thing my last

I had the same thing my last year of high school. Mine just started last Augest, I was in the hospital more then I was in school. I lost friends cause of it. I was made fun of alot but I never let it bother me. People for most of the school year thought I was faking it. Then when I couldn't drive and had to take the bus the rest of the year I was very mad. So ya I kinda know wut your going through. Are you still in high school?

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Hey! I've been there and gone through a similar experience not much unlike your own. I am a 19 year old college sophomore at UGA and I am a female. Anyways, I graduated in 2006 as well and had a hard time in highschool. Coincidentally, last night my roommates and I were discussing stuff and I mentioned I had epilepsy and my experience in highschool.

I would be doing homework for at least 6 to 7 hours at night, go to bed, get up somewhat sleep deprived the following morning and repeat the cycle. I had some free time but not much as I was taking advanced/honors courses. That free time I spent on doing volunteer work and on recovering from the school week as I would be so exhausted at the end of the week. I had practically no social life in highschool. I was an outsider, too, even though my epilepsy isn't severe at all, it's so well controlled no one knows I have it unless I tell them. It can be very frustrating when you have to work twice as hard doing homework, taking tests, and doing other things while your friends sometimes don't have to work as hard and yet they may end up making better grades and having a social life.

I am happy that you have hobbies and things you can do to have fun in your life. I also understand the driving thing. I didn't get my license until this past summer and I was so happy. You are not walking this path alone. Others have too, including myself.

Even my friends sometimes didn't understand how scared I was at first of driving because they don't know what it is like to have a seizure and how vulnerable we really can feel. What I have found to be helpful is that when people start ragging you about not driving or something I usually end up saying, well at least I don't have to pay for gas, or I didn't choose to be in this situation. If you haven't already, tell your closest friends about all of this and the ones who are true will understand.

I apologize that this message is so long. I am just trying to be helpful and give you comfort and hope that everything will work out. I am here for you if you ever have any questions or need someone to listen. As soon as I got here to college life has been a lot easier because having a car is not as important and there are resources on campus who help me out and understand everything I go through. Highschool was a challenge but it made me a stronger person. Just think of all the things you have to look forward to when you graduate. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Hi. I'm Shelitha and i'm a freshman at University of Tennessee: Knoxville. It's my third weeek here and I had a seizure like a day ago. Everyone found out even though it was really not a big deal. Even my best friends are so freaked out right now. Like they are so worried they ask me like a million times if i'm okay and like seem like they don't want me to go out with them. I know they are just looking out for me, but i feel like such a outsider. I know this feeling will go away in a few days, but for now i'm pretty miserable.

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How are you liking collage. I am a little nervous as well. I have the same problem as you with my friends because they want to hang out with me at school but not always on the weekends. To you ever have trouble in school. I sure do with my learning. If I ever have seizures in front of people they think that I am blushing. it can be Embarrassing at times. I hope to chat with you some other time. take care

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It's been an adjustment. The classes are easy, but it's hard for me to focus sometimes and not all of my professors know me like my teachers did. But college life is sooooo awesome!!!! It's been really fun and exciting getting to be somewhere new. idk. the whole seizure situation is extremely embarrassaing, just because people don't really understand. But it would be great to talk sometime. I don't know anyone with epilepsy so it's always nice to be able to talk to people who unerstand every once in a while. later

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My son is 19 and a freshman in college this year. He had to stop driving in his senior year in H.S. because he was having day seizures,he normally has nocturnal seizures. As a parent the hardest thing I did this summer is to let go. I told him that if he wanted to sleep out or go out with his friends late at night that it was OK. After all he makes good choices. His friends will drive him where needed and he helps them out with giving them gas money.He wears dog tags with medical I.D. and carries a med card. His closest friends are all aware and know what to do. As he makes new friends he hasn't told any of them about his epilepsy yet. Tomorrow he will give his teachers a confidentiality letter making them aware of his medical situation and classroom accomodations. To many side effects. I truly don't know how he does it.Any advice that you can give me to help continue support him would be greatly appreciated. He still is having a very difficult time with not being able to drive. He has been 2 1/2 months seizure free. I can't remember the last time he was seizure free for this long. How do you handle the drinking (beer) when you're at parties? My son nurses his drink more then he actually drinks it.

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I use to drink a lot more in highschool, when my I was seizure free for almost six months, but nowadays when I go to parties and stuff I basically hold my drink more than actually drink it. I'll sip on it. Most of the time I have nothing to drink, because my friends are so protective, but when I really get the urge to drink. I'll just do it with a small group of friends who know me well so that they A) make sure nothing is in it, B) make sure i don't drink too much, and C) know what to do if I do have a seizure. Congrats to your son being seizure free for 2 1/2 months! That's awesome and I hope he is having a great time in college!

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Hi execwife, This is the first time I've replied to anything like this on the web. What do you mean by: "a confidentiality letter making them aware of his medical situation and classroom accomodations."? Can I see an example? My daughter is 18. She still hasn't decided what to do next year. She hasn't done well in math and isn't interested in chemistry--she's not interested in going to a 4-year college. Her dad and I think the medication causes her to have a tougher time learning/remembering, as well as curbing her wit and physical motivation. She's open to trying for a 2-year associate's degree at a vocational college, but the decision-pot is just simmering on the back burner without much motivation for considering options. She's never been seizure free long enough to get a driver's license. My concern is, what happens when she is no longer eligible for my insurance through work? The regular price of her medication is $1,000 per 34 days! I'm trying to take all this a day at a time, but yikes! I think she needs a little more guidance than the typical student. I try to remember certain situations are beyond my control and hand it over in prayer.
--high school senior mom

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I am in some special Ed classes. How about you? I bet its hard because we are so use to the high school teachers who get to know us very well. I am very glad that you are really enjoying your college life. Do you have your licens yet? how do you get around. I don't know anyone with epilepsy and when I find anyone like at the walk for epilepsy i feel good in a way to see more people then just use with epilepsy.. Talk to you later. K.I.T

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Yes. I've been lucky enough to actually be able to drive, even though sometimes im not allowed. I have such a strong aura that I can usually tell so I can pull over in time. In college though there is like a ton of walking, which is amazing for my calf muscle fyi. I only use my car to drive home, which is about three hours away. I rarely ever drive alone. My best friend loves to ride and will drive for me if I get sick. I took all honors and AP classes in highschool and I hope to join the honors program at my college next year. I want to get my GPA up first though.

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Oh and btw. I totally agree with you. I dont know anyone with epilepsy either so its always nice to meet other people who can relate to me. talk to you soon

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Yahhh people have no idea how hard it is making it through everyday life with Epilepsy. Are you in high school again? I am a senior if you forgot because lots of people judge you if they even see you have a seizure. it sucks. i find it very enbaressing. It is hard to make friends that can trust you with what you have. take care K.I.T from Gina

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Hi, I just was diagnosed, I'm 15 and a sophomore, I have started to feel isolated from my friends, and feel like I am turning into a bad person, this whole new epilepsy thing has made me angry, and I've been taking it out on my friend James, I've started crying more and more and just been more spacey, did this get easier in time for you, or am I going to have to just cope?

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Hi I feel the exact same way as you and no i am sure you are still a great person. What school do you go to? you don't have to tell me if you don't want to. I feel like I have not been able to make as many friends at school because people judge me from my epilepsy which i don't like. I find it very rood. I have been getting teased and have had gone through so many friends all because of my epilepsy Just keep smiling and think of the positive things that epilepsy can get you through in life. I know that i can't drive which i am very disapoited but I am thinking of better ways of transportation besides a cool car every TEENAGER wants to have at that age. What kind of seizures do you have? I have complex parcial every day at school. ok talk to you later and lets keep in touch. Gina M.

Hi I attend Broadneck Senior

Hi I attend Broadneck Senior Highschool, I am so sorry about your friends and people teasing you, you'd think at this age people would be better at understanding? My buddy James has been making things rough, so I told him exactly how I felt and we sort of don't talk anymore, he felt that he had the need to tell people anything I had told him, and answer any questions about me since he thought he knew a lot about me, this whole thing has brought on new situations, and with the old ones its hard to take in, but it gets easier, right?? I am sorry you can't drive, but there are other ways of transportation! =) I have more jerks then anything else, but since July have had 1-4? grand mal seizures in my sleep, I've never had one around my friends before, but have had to leave my friends because I felt I was going to, and didn't want them around it, I tend to just make jokes, and try to sound happy about the hole situation, make it sound cool, my friends believe that it doesn't bother me, but it's annoying to be around my friends and at 6:30 every day I have to stop whatever I am doing to go take my pills, I'm trying to get my stamina back so life is easier and I am able to move more without feeling bad but so far have only brought on seizures, what are complex parcial, I am so sorry you have to go through them in school, that must be rough, how do you do it and be pretty upbeat? =)

Hi I am a senior as well at

Hi I am a senior as well at Sonora high school. What exactly happens when you have a grand mall seizure? I use to have them when i was 9 years old. All I remember is that they were really scarry. I use to have them at school in 3rd grade and didn't know when they were going to come on. When ever i have a seizure around people i can't respond to them right away. My face turns red and I start laughing. Thats cool that when anyone asks you about your epilepsy you just act cool about it. Since i can't drive are your gas prices up really high? All we need is better transportation and I wouldn't of Recognized it if it wasn't for my epilepsy. We can save the Enviroment. I have to take pills everyday as well. I have learned from having epilepsy that everyday is a new day and make it worth while. talk to you later From Gina

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Haha, uuuuhhhh I don't really remember much about my grand mal ones, basically from what my mom told me, you make weird noises shake VIOLENTLY, and it's not a pretty thing, I'm sorry about your seizures, and I also take medicine daily, two times, ugh, not fun, but I dunno, people seem to respond better to a happy go lucky person whom doesn't care then some one mourning over it, it even makes me feel a little better when I'm with friends, and yeah, gas is like a good 3 dollars now, with those who can't drive we can car pool and ride bikes and all that good stuff, fighting with Al Gore?

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Hey how you doing. All I remember with my grand mall seizures is that my eyes use to roll and I use to scream and cry as well. I was 8 when the last time i had one. I agree they are scary. My seizures aren't that scary. people freak out when they see me having one and i can't respond to them. Lets stay positive. Gas cost 3 dollars where I live as well which sucks and i know its just going to keep ongoing up and up until we Figure something new out. you take care I'll talk to you later Keep a Smile on!!

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Haha your right, apositive outlook is always the best, we might not be able to drive, but I mean come on we can get like electric scooters and bikes and mopeds I think? =)

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Hahahh you are funny. Do you struggle in school.I sure do epically in English. Do you exactly what you want to do right when you get out of high school. I want to go to collage but I am not sure of what I want to become yet. I am just going to explore careers. I have learned over the years to rather enjoy going to the hospital then think of all the negative effects like shots and more. I think of all the visators and the nurses. If I don't then when I go it's really boring and you get even more scared. Talk to you later Stay happy

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Yeah, I thankfully have a VERY cool neurologist, he is young, and understands how to relate and explain things to me without talking down to me, which helps A LOT, what do you think of the people you see? I know after Highschool I plan to go stay with my friends for the summer, and I will probably start looking at colleges soon, but I'm liek you and don't really know what to do yet, I talked to my english teacher and she knows whats going on, so she has been cutting me some slack, but my spanish class is killing me, the teacher has a grudge against me and the kids around me looooove to talk so I never get the notes down, and when I miss a day she REFUSES to give me the work so my grade is being affected =/ oh well, what are your interests? =)

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I am glad that you have a COOL neurologist. Mine is a very sweet lady as well. I think that you should start at the Junior collage because you can slowly get use to the collage life and take classes that you have interest in to find out what you would like to major in. I might want to become a speech therapist, interior designer, or a Zoologist. Thats what I want to do. why are not in Special Edd? I am and thats where I get all my help with all my hard classes. I have been in special Edd since I was in 3rd grade. I get pulled out for Tests with other students. Talk to you later

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Uh I JUST got diagnosed like a month or two ago, and so far I've been able to keep my usual grades, also, I really don't want that much attention, you know? That's awesome, who are you interested in those paths? =)))) I'd either like to go into child therapy or web page design

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Yahhhh I have had the attention my entire life weather I like it or not. At school are you like a really popular person or are you in the lower range group. I am not very popular at school which it ok. I am glad that you have an idea of what you want to maybe go into after high school. Do you have a job? I do but a am about ready to quit. I just went on a job interview at Aeropostal and it was different from any interview that i have ever been on before. I don't really want to work there anymore. I will talk to you later.

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Uhh, I am about average, there are a bunch of people who hate me, and then there are a bunch of people whom I care about, and seem to care for me(I have a hard time making and keeping friends) My mom won't let me get a job, she doesn't think I can balance it out, where do you work, why do you want to quit?? What happened at your interview? I suggest working somewhere where you know people and feel comfortable, I am very sorry you've had to deal with all that attention, I know it's gotten to me pretty badly over a few months, I have no idea how you could deal with that this long, your very strong =)

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I am in the same boat as you with my friend ships because people sometimes think that I am weird especially when i have a seizure. Today for example I had a seizure in my 5th period class and people were laughing at me because they thought that I was blushing. It was kind of embarrassing. I got a job because I want to make some money so that I will have enough money to go out and buy a house in the city. I want to be able to live in a city where I can ride transportation systems and have a good job that I enjoy. I want to quit the job that i have right know because they have not been giving me any hours. maybe 1 on call a week which make me mad. this is my first job and I plan on getting a better job when I turn 18 in the next 2 weeks. First jobs are very hard to get. as long as you get a first job thats all that matters then you can move on to a better one because you have had experiance. thats what I am doing. Talk to you later Hope you find a job.

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I'm so sorry, I hate when people laugh, congrats on the birthday =)))) Haha I'm libra, what are you? I know someone who has been working for subway a looong time, but they are working her less and less, =/ good luck job hunting! Yeah I figure city life would be easiest for transportation =) what city?

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I am a Scorpio I also have a friend who works at subway and another one who use to work there. Thats what they did to me at my work. they said that I would work for 20 hours a week but I never did in the first place. I only have 1 on call a week right know which makes me mad. Since my birthday is next week I am going to get out of this job as fast a possible. I want to eather live in San Francisco or L.A or I don't know where else but just a big city that nice.

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From my experiece Subway is a half way decent job, but a lot of work, our subway is really short staffed, haha you coudl try to get a job there c(=, I'm sorry you don't work as much as you lke and Happy birthday!!! I've been to LA it's really nice never been to San Fransisco though

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I can't help but get angry when I read your posts. I'm a school resource officer and I have epilepsy, too. I suffered my first seizures in July 06, but I'm back to work.

I have worked in the schools for ten years and I've seen first hand how difficult high school can be - without dealing with epilepsy.

Reading your stories is the exact reason I have begun speaking to classes about epilepsy. You both know far more about the stigma attached to epilepsy, but I'm convinced it can and will change.

I love discussing my epilepsy. I have found people think I should look different because I have epilepsy. When I'm in uniform, it seems to shatter stereotypes.

From what I've read tonight about you two, it sounds like you have a good handle on things. It will get better as you get older. High school students are generally not compassionate in groups. If the opportunity to discuss your situation in private should come up, educate them.

Another approach is to tell a friend or classmate how they can help you if suffer a seizure. Make them feel like they have a role to play and they are helping you. I'll bet they'll be a lot more compassionate.

Also, when you suffer a seizure, the people around you inevitably feel helpless. Look at it from their point of you. Especially teenagers - when someone is uncomfortable, it's easier for them to act like it's funny, or to be insensitive.

I wish I could speak in front of your classes, and have a private meeting with the jerks that give you a hard time. I'm thinking of you.

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People don't know how else to react to new or different, people react with comedy, anger, and other stuff, I don't blame kids for being rude about it, they don't know how to react to it, I more pity them, my friends and I still have a great time, and I they still do everything they used to, they are affected in some sense, but I don't allow it to hold them back, as long as there are people who are accepting and kind I know I can deal with the few losers out there who feel like being rude, this is more of a reality check just shows you how people can act, and how some will, this showed me who my friends were, and who is a cool teacher in my school c(=

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Hi How exactly did you get this job because it sounds like a lot of fun. Do you enjoy your job. I would love a job like this because i love to talk about my epilepsy as well , help others and socialize. It has been very hard over all the years going to school every day and having seizures in front of classmates. I wish that i could be a normal student just for a day and not have to struggle with comprehension problems. You sound like a very sweet lady. I wish that i could talk to you in person because thats what i need is someone that I could just talk about my epilepsy to in person because it makes everyday a Challenge. Talk to you later. Take care

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I love to go to Subway to get lunch. my favorite food there is the Italian sandwich. You should get a job there because it sounds like you really like it there. I might try to get a job at eater Kohl’s,old Navy or Pets mart. How about you? I like going to LA as well you have to go to San Fransisco some day because it is a beautiful city. I hope that you are doing alright. take care

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Haha I've tried, it's a lot of fun, just too young, I'm 15, you have to be 17 to work there =/, I'd love to go to San Franscico one day, and I've heard Kohls is a nice job, and haven't heard the best about Old Navy, I know we don't live in the same area but companies tend to employ the same types of people and haver the same type of working environments

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Hahhh I see why you don't have a job because you 15 I didn't get my job till I was 17. These companies you can't work at till you are 18 first jobs are very hard to get at least for me. I hope that you are doing well in school Talk to you later

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Haha ehhh kinda freaked out tonight, mad I really couldn't control my fear tonight, Halloween wanted a night to just be a kid, what did you do?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re:

I had a lot of fun. I dressed up as Barbie and went trick or treating. My mom made a nice Spaghetti dinner. I got to study which is always fun. Other wise i just had a normal night. i talk to you later

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Haha I had a really good night last night, I talked to my best friend David, and he could tell something was up, and for two hours he just sat with me and let me cry and talk, I tried to leave so he could have a good night but he is too caring and is much better at arguing then I am, he's the best friend a person can hve

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hi gina,
remembering back to those urs, i was pretty much a loner and i didnt do all that well in school. meds control thebrains ability to work..i was embarrassed by my epilepsy and i avoided everyone to avoid unkind words from others. i remember it being very hard to fit in with everyone and life in general but after awhile for some reason it didnt matter to me. as long as you can get up every day and do something productive for me and the world, the other little things dont matter...yes, you will think you have to work harder than most but nothing in life comes easy. my motto is " character. hard work equals charachter and the more you have , the better off you become..
stay well and live life.

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Hi everyone. My daughter is 17, a junior in high school. She had surgery for her seizures in August 2006 and is seizure free and able to drive! She is having a hard time going to school and keeping up with classes. She is on Keppra. She has panic attacks or is ill when it comes time to go to school. By the time school is done she is feeling better. We don't know if this is side effect of medicine or the surgery. Her behavior has changed too. More testy and crabby, and does things I thought she wouldn't do. She has had to drop classes and has withdrwan from alot of her friends. Any body have any of these things happen to you?

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I understand Im in junior high, and Im the only one who has partial complex seizures, it is definitely hard making new friends after they learned some of the things that happened to me :-)