Hey everyone


My name is Hilary duh you might wont to say. Its going to be my b-day soon and I have not had a seizure since the summer. Its been great I can drive and just have fun. I hope I get plenty of b-day wishes this year. Its been only 8 mounths since my grandma passed and it will be hard not getting a card in the mail. I might be that way for along time. I remember in the middle of the summer I was going with the guy. I thought I was able to talk about things so it would not get all bottled up inside. He didnt want to hear it and that hurt me alot. I really needed someone to talk to. I relized if the person you are dating is not going to be there for you. Then you dont need them. So I am hoping to find someone I can talk to about things like that. Plus when I have my seizures, I mean we all need someone to talk to dont we?