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Gelastic Seizures


Hello. I am new here to I have browsed through this site and read very little to nothing about gelastic seizures. Does anybody else here have gelastic seizures?


I don't. What is it??

Let me know!

I don't. What is it??

Let me know!

never heard of interested so ill look em up online....
davita :-)

Sorry I am just now getting back, it's been awhile since I've been on here.

Gelastic seizures are basically episodes of emotion, mostly laughing, but sometimes people cry I guess. I was diagnosed w/ gelastic seizures when I was about 8 or 9, I am 20 now. It is a very rare form of epilepsy and most doctors or patients do not know what they are. I just recently got interest in researching them and have learned alot. Apparently, gelastic seizures are caused by a Hypothalamic Hamartoma (HH), which is a very rare brain tumor. Most doctors will be lucky if they even have a patient w/ HH in their whole career.

I guess that is a little info on gelastic seizures. I was just wondering if anybody else here had them.

Here are a few websites you all can check out to learn a little more:

HI, I have Gelastic seizures. I had a very bad car accident 3 yrs ago. This caused my Gelastic seizures. My first episode was in a swimming pool trying to rehab from the accident. My seizure started when I looked up at the ceiling, my head threw itself up toward the ceiling then a powerful burst of laughter, I could not stop it or breath. It was on automatic.
I was told that in one breath I would laugh extremely loud & the next breath crying very hard. Shaking, crying, laughing and not able to breath for myself all in one punch. When I came around I was sick, had a tremendous headache/migraine, felt exhausted had a bad taste bitter metal taste in mouth. Just Wiped!
I was taken home exhausted.
In denial went back the next day to rehab. I did not want to give up getting better. Another one happened in my class for stress. I remember hearing the nurse speak, only her voice. My heart started pumping. I felt things in my body, it made me burst out with laughter then loose body control. I ran to the bathroom right at the very beginning. The nurse tried to help me but she could only control me when it was done. It was another loud out burst of laughing then crying, shaking.
Just 10 minutes later I went to my pain Dr and the Psychologist in the Rehab center were there together. I was discussing what happened and BAM! Another one hit, I lost body control, my head threw itself up again, laughing extremely hard & loud. While I was sitting this seizure threw my head down between my legs,took my breath away, then when it was finishing my mouth-face started to chatter. Well, The Psychologist left the room right after that I guess he has not seen one before. My pain Dr put me on Gabbapentine and sent me to my Neuro right away. I was unable to take Gaba it did not work for me.
My Neuro put me on Keppra! Thank goodness!
Had an EEG -Show abnormal spikes. Did Hospital in stay sleep deprive test for the seizure. Had one but it did not read. Hmmmm.(deep brain)
Then had a deep brain MRI 3T. Guess what, It showed I had deep brain trauma, along with frontal lobe injury. My seizures track from left temporal to right temporal and frontal lobe. To detect these seizures in deep brain you must set up for a deep brain testing. They place a plate in your brain & hope for the seizure to come.
I am not sure it's always from tumors.
I've had 2nd opinions on EEG, and MRI.
I do know what set's the seizure off is a lack of sleep & fatigue.
I have Combo seizures:Complex partials-Gelastic.
Keppra really works for me. I still am unable to get a night of sleep. I have what they call Closed Head Injury which gave me the seizures.

Look into melatonin to help you rest. There is even a milk in britain, I don't know if it exists here, that has a higher level of melatonin to help promote sleep

e: Re: Re: Gelastic Seizures
I am currently on 16 mg of Rozeram at bedtime. When I wake up 3 hrs later I take 2-3mg of Melatonin. I got 3 more hours in. I am averaging 5-6 a night with all these meds including my seizure med Keppra.
I am calling the Dr today because I don't know what is a safe level of Melatonin. I tried Ambien once, I was so...buzzed I will not take it again. I am putting Lavender in my room on the night stand to help with sleep. I heard it relaxes you. At this point I am going to do what ever I can to get some decent sleep. I am trying to lose weight and my diet is very good right now. I have been eating a bowl of cereal for bedtime(CARBS) I shouldn't but I need sleep.

Hi and welcome to! Gelastic seizures are often caused by or associated with hypothalamic hamartomas - a term used to describe a growth (benign) in the area of the brain called the hypothalamus. Here is a link to info about these hamartomas and gelastic seizures. Many are treated successfully with medications, but surgery may also be considered and helpful. To learn more about treatment options, more detailed diagnostic testing would be needed at an epilepsy center to confirm the cause of and location of the gelastic seizures.
hypothalamic hamartomas
Hope this helps!

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