Forget Medications


Anyone have this problem of not taking their medication because of the lack of it? My mom ordered too little of one of my morning pills which is ironically one of the most important ones of my day. So, I don't know what's gonna happen because sometimes I don't have seizures when I don't take them or something along the lines of that. Other times when I don't take them I have seizures and sometimes when I do take them, I still have seizures which is quite irritating.
To make matters worse, this whole week I have been going out on a lot of activities and such. I have to take public transportation by myself which is quite dangerous since I have complex absence and other kinds of seizures. For the last week in a half, I haven't been taking that one because after she said she would order them, she forgot. Anyone have this same problem of having no choice but to not take their medications? OK.. I going ou for a picnic now.



Re: Forget Medications

Get a pill box so you can put at least a weeks worth in it. If you don't have a weeks worth, time to get a re-fill. What's even better, if your insurance has it, see if you can get re-fills by mail. As long as you send for it before you run out, you should be OK.