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epilpisy or tumer help


Im 15 male and have dreadful roaring headaches followed by vomiting there is a history of migranes in the family but last week I was in school my vision went in my right eye and so did my hearing in my right ear and I was dizzy and confused I live near my school so I walked home and didn't no where I was going when I got home I puked then went to my doctor nd I was admitted to hospital I had a ct scan done and it was normal I am now being refered to a neuro pediatrition for an ecg.also I forgot to tell the doctors I have a very sore throbbing pain on the very back middle right of my head and it feels soft also I get these waves or shocks in the right of my brain and they make me jolt they last for about 3 seconds and I didn't tell my doc that also light hurts my eyes andI feel tired all the time please help I have exams in 3 week's and can't concentrate please respond or email me

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