EPI_HELP (patty) is now calling all teeni-boppers and teenagers to get together.


Calling all teens  (and parents with teens)

epi help (Patty) is wanting to know if we would like our own chat room and if
you would like to join in, we would be more then happy to help you. My name is
Sophia, i'm 18 and i live in the uk... the good old brits !! lol hehe ....
anyway... i've been a member here for just over a year now and Patty (epi_help)
has asked me to recruit the teenagers.. it will be a modorated and you will have
mentors to talk to too.  You don't have to have epilepsy, you can join in if you
know someone who has it and wot not.

I think you will agree with me that is it nice and have someone to talk
to with someone your own age and someone who can relate to your problems... the
chat doesn't always have to be about talking about seizures and epilepsy, just
come along for a natter and have some fun!!!... This chat hasn't been set up
yet... So if anyone would like to get involed just click on my profile and email
me ... :)

All the best love Soph xxxx