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EEG and some seizure activtiy for teens


hey every one i am emily a 17 year old in texas with photo epilipsy and recently had a grand mall seizure with out lights and i am currently getting a 72 hour eeg. i have never had a big seizure before so im like new to this i would like some advice please


Hi Texas Teen...not sure what your name is but my dtr was diagnosed with epilepsy when she was 11 years old.  Not photo but "catamenial" we think (surrounding her periods). She has had grand mals fror many years now.  She is also 17.  We live in Calgary, Alberta Canada.  It might be that you don't have photo epilepsy.  My dtr has seizures sometimes when she sees strobe lights and stuff and she won't go to concerts cause she's afraid that she'll seize.  But she can also have seizures at any time of any given moment.  Mostly when she's stressed about her bf or stressed about school or didn't get enough sleep or w/e the cause.  That could possibly be what you're experiencing.  I would love to hear from you so that you can chat with my dtr who thinks she's doomed for life.  my email addy is if you email me I can pass it along to my dtr who would be a great help to you and you would be a great help to her.  Sincerely, S-J

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