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My question is about drinking even though there are topics about it all over this website. I don't know if i have "epilepsy". I have had 2 seizures. I have been seizure free for over 2 years now. I am currently taking trileptal but started feeling some side effects. I have trouble focusing sometimes and some blurry vision. My doctor does not feel its the medicine but I am switching over to keppra to be sure.

While on trileptal i have drank. I was scared at first but then the feeling of being scared went away. It started out as a drink or two and then more. While on the medicine i have never had a seizure. The drinking did not seem to cause any thing. I worked at a summer camp this summer and went to the bar almost every other night. So I drank most of the time and felt fine. Maybe two times while drinking i had this feeling of a seizure but i think i just drank way to much and scared myself. So my experience with alcohol has been a good one so far. I am going to college next year and though people say you dont need to have fun to drink, at this time in my life i feel like it helps. Yes you can have fun but when everyone is drinking around you you feel the urge. I am switching to keppra.

I have to take both medicines right now until i can be taken off the trileptal slowly. So right now im increasing keppra each week and then eventually getting rid of the trileptal. Now i heard that keppra is processed by your liver. This is the same body part that process alcohol. I dont think its a great idea for me to drink while on both medications but what about after. I am scared that keppra will cause me to have a seizure when mixed with the alcohol. Does anyone take keppra? Has anyone tried this? My heath is more important to me then drinking but i would still want to find out the answer. It would be hard going threw college without taking a sip of alcohol.

My doctor told me that one drink was ok when i first started taking trileptal. What do you think?

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Re: Drinking.........

I have been taking keppra for about 2 years now and have only had one seizure. I had the seizure becuase of binge drinking the night before and not taking my pills that night and then not again in the morning. I was hungover all that day and I also did not take my meds that night as well. So I ended up having the seizure in my sleep. But no you can drink while taking keppra. Just be sure to take the correct dozes that you are required to take.

Re: Drinking.........


I don't know if this post is too late but my advice to you is DON"T DRINK ALCOHOL. None of my doctors have agreed to simultaneous drug and alcohol consumption. Your liver is under strain. Your biggest challenge is to complete college and controll your seizures. Don't succumb to peer pressure. The "scared" feelings could be minor seizures. Mine are. Happy studying. Besides you need a clear head, not hungover, to concentrate in class.