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yesterday i did someting for the first time in my life. i told someone i had epilepsy. this was my peer councelor---dont even know how i got one but thats another story. she asked me what i am doing this weekend. i said going into the hospital for a test (my VEEG) she asked me what for. i took about 10 or 15 minutes for her to get it outta me. i thought it MIGHT make me feel better. but no. i got this horrible sick feeeling in me and started to cry. isnt it that when u tell someone something on your mind your a supposed to feel better? i felt soooo bad after. now i think things will be akward between us because i have known her for three weeks and she knows my biggest secret when mi BFF who i have known for 7 years about has no idea. i am just really confused and dont know what to do anymore.


Hi Dav:
Well, personally I think you are to be commended for finally telling someone about your epilepsy. I know how hard it can be to tell, especially when you're a teenager, but it should be a positive thing for you in the long run.
With regard to your best friend not knowing, is there any reason why you haven't told her? And, are you sure that she doesn't know? Can you say for sure that you've never had any kind of seizure around her, even if it was just a short one. If you guys have the kind of friendship you think you do then it shouldn't be a big deal for her to know the truth. If anything, it may strengthen your friendship.

davita, my sweet freind, its ok, really. the world is not going to swallow you up because you told your peer councelor you have e. now anything you 2 talk about is private between you right? so dont sweat it. i fyou feel awkward abut it talk to them about it and how they feel about it, it is going to be fine,
what surprises me is how you have managed to keep this from your best friend for 1/2 your life. so you took a major step. e is nothing to be ashamed of, you did something very brave but you feel guilty cuz your bff doesnt know. well sweet one, you could tell her. are you worried she'll not understand it. aproach it as it is no big deal. and what happened to talking to your math teacher? did she let she retake the test? sometimes trying to hold secrets in from the people we love like our bff, causes more stress than its worth. your best friend is the one you should be able to share everything with, and her with you. you have known her since 7 yrs old and are 14, and are tight right? she would do anything for you, you would do anything for her. thats what bff are all about. my bff and i share everything. ive known her for 28 yrs now. neither of us are perfect, she has been there from my first grand mal, 24 years ago though i had e before. and she has always been my rock. she watched all 3 of my kids at that time so don could visit me in the hospital after working all day cuz we worked together to. and she was there for me whe i went back to work and tried to educate the idiots about e, but that was in the 80s and poeple werent as open as they are today. now we are both grandmas together. she still works where i use to, and passes on hellos from people. yup, there is nothing like a bff. even if we dont get to see each other like we use to since she works and i dont, we still talk on the phone. last nite she accused me of giving her my broncitis over the phone cuz she is home sick with it. we had a good laugh over that till we were both coughing so bad we couldnt talk so we had to say bye.
so what i am saying davita is bff are special, they dont just disapear cuz of a medical condition. i know i am rambling.

love you and big hugs,

my teacher did not let me retake the test and i am kinda upset bout that. she said i still have a B so its ok.... 81% wutever..

Just act like nothing different ever happened..if she acts weird, ask her why? The best way to get used to telling people is to tell them.
Next time you have a math more! It's just the beginning, honey, you can bring your grade up if you make sure all your other work is top notch. You can do this, just as well as you do with your swimming. I have faith in you...

aww davey its ok. u never know it might be easier now that she knows... might be awkward for a while but it will get better. you will be more able to tell your peer counselor whatever is on your mind. this just means that you are more willing to open up. when you can tell someone the one thing that you don't tell anyone... that's the one person you can truly confide in. (trust me. my parents sent me to TONS of shrinks... i only ever liked one of them)

and what's this about not studying!... i shouldn't say anything... i failed every test i had when i took pre calculus... only thing that kept me passing was the quizzes. passed the exam though. wo0t! :P

when life gives you lemons... smell an orange

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