Britney Spears LOL


Have you seen her new video? well aaaaanyway.

Just saying hello Since I'm new and Just found this site TODAY.
[i'm 16, live in nor cal *represent!* xD]

I was diagnosed with having seizures, -shrugs- so they put me first on depekene [sp?]/ valproic acid. But that gave me the runs, tiredness and even more heartburn so I'm supposed to switch tomorrow to Keppra [ -is looking at the happy old guy with 2 by 4's-] i hope thats going to be me [no, not old and bald building sht ((Happy))] if it isn't i will be pissed but anyway. Other than the seizures, they say there is a growth in my head, behind my nose but NOT IN my brain so its good i guess..But I have no clue what it is....Yet.

-_- I know this is totally off subject but, does anyone know what sedatives they use during MRIs because last time I had a major panic attack and I need another MRI and CAT scan and they are considering sedatives... I heard something about a possible SHOT O_O [oh no]

why cant they just give me valium ?
is that what they're going to give me?