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23 and about to go crazy


Note: I have tonic clonic seizures. No warning. Every two weeks to a month. Luckily I am a little past a month right now though!

So, we can neither raise or lower my medications (lamictal, tegretol, depakote) and changing any of them isn't a good idea because my body doesn't like avoiding side effects. They raised my tegretol and my body took my levels so high up that it was overdosing me and I was one dose away from death. They raised my depakote and I was shaking like crazy. I couldn't even hold a pen still enough to write. They raised my lamictal and I started getting light headed then feeling the same way I felt at the being of the raised tegretol dosage, so luckily that was put back down before it go worse. Of course, if any of it is lowered then I'll have more seizures. Since we can't touch my medication, I'm being put on the Adult Modified Atkins Diet (less strict, adult version of the Ketogenic Diet). I'm starting either tomorrow or Tuesday. I feel like this is going to drive me crazy. Please give me some low-carbs ideas or recipes. I'm only allowed 20g net carbs a day.

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