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Has anyone else tried the VNS (vagus nerve Stimulator)?  Did it lessen you siezures or make them less intense?

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I have a question maybe I somebody can answer before I bring it up with my family or sons doctor(s).
My son has Juvenile Myclonic Epilepsy. He is 17 now and has been going...

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Hello ,  My Name is Manny, if their are any Doctors out their or anyone who had problems with the VNS, or Manufacturer.

   My  Daughter started having seizures when she was 18 months old...

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Is there anyone out there who has Frontal Lobe seizures and a Frontal Lobe surgery resection done? I've just completed abattery of tests .  I'm a good prospect to have it done and have lots of...

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I have had Epilepsy since I was one and a half years old.  I have never let my Seizures define my life and make me live a protected life. 

I just graduated from La Salle University. ...

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I am interested in the RNS surgery and have heard that it has a high success rate but cannot find any information that is recent. Does anyone have any idea when the FDA...

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Hi my husband is going in to have a left temporal lobe resection done on the 2nd of October 2012, we are British just wondered if there are any other Brits on here going thru the same thing?? I'm...

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I posted this as a reply, but I am posting it again here as there. (I'm new to this board so my apologies)

It's so good to find this forum and know that we may be few and far

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Has anyone here had multiple hippocamal transection surgery? If so, I would like to know about the post operation effects such as headaches, temporary visual impairment, how long the hospital stay...

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