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The Wada Test!!!!

Has anyone had the Wada Test done? What was you all's experience like with it? What happens after the test is done? Do you have to meet with the neurologist again and the neurosurgeon to see what will happen? I have an appointment to get the Wada Test done on October 23rd and I am scared to death. The visual of getting a catheter stuck up your leg is traumatizing but at least it is for a good reason. I hope that it goes well and that they find which side of my brain has the best memory and see if my language and/ or memory will be affected by the surgery. I need all the support and information that I can get so my anxiety can go away.


Hello there...I noticed your comment and just had to respond. I have been there, I was scared too just before I had mine done. I assume you are in pre op testing for surgery? At least that is when I had mine done. I must say the worst part of it was them going through my leg...I did get sick to my stomach....And if I remember correctly, they gave me something via IV to prevent me from puking....It just made me sick when they began, once they were where they needed to be...I didn't even notice...You have to let them know what is going on though...if you feel sick tell them. Also, I thought of a mantra and kept saying it in my head so I wouldn't think about it. Plus I was worried about getting my answers right during the test....LOL Needless to say the actual test was quite awesome... Once they put one side of your brain to sleep and "test" you, you have to remember all of the pictures they show is more difficult than it sounds.......REALLY....I remember not being able to talk when they did the left was like I was talking like a was BEYOND WEIRD! I remember cracking up because they had asked me where I was and I told them I was in a mental institution....they did not find that funny at all...but I sure did. I think the weirdest thing only lasted a little while....then you went back to feeling "normal." Most unique feeling I have ever had...


I know you will do fine...and that was my experience in a nut shell..btw, I suggest viewing the pictures of "the dye" if they are also doing that...I was amazed at how many veins were in my head! you will be too! I wish you all the best!



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