vission issues after right temporal lobectomy

Hello everyone. My name is Camilo

My dad had a right temporal lobectomy in october 28 2010 (6 days ago) it was quite scarry because a couple of hours after the surgery he had to be operated again because he developed a hematoma, but after some scarry hours he was ok, anyway. He returned home yesterday and he seems to be really fine.

Though I(we) have some questions and conserns about the recovery period; aside from a bruised eye (getting better super quick)dad's been complaining about mainly 3 things:
-1)strong headache comes and goes -2)lots of dizziness comes and goes -3)(not that he's been reading lots but) when he looks at a writing he cannot see some letters or words as i've noticed he skips the 1st letter of the words he reads and according to him his eye-hand coordination is a little messy too.

aside from all that he is tottally fine, he eats,he laughs, he walks etc. Dr is going to remove his stiches in two days.

PS: he says he's been having super weird dreams too