Two Sides of A Coin: Which One Do you Have?

Hello all,

After suffering from epilepsy for decades, I underwent surgery two years ago.  Since then, my life style is similar to that of a retiree after decades of work on a job.  I can do whatever I have always wanted; don't have to rush; don't have to get up early, and have no more stress and worries.  Most importantly, I am seizure-free!

Other than having ongoing and severe headache (I had it after every seizure and get used to it), I enjoy my life very much.  Post-surgery headache is just a sweet extension of the blessings.  I am deeply grateful for getting my life back after losing it for sooo long! 

We all have our stories   However, laughter, jokes, prayers, and joy are the best medicines and make each day a wonderful day on the long recovery and any taugh times in our lives.  I am in paradise (if not yet in heaven).  Life is a joueney.  Facts occupy 10 percent; attitude occupies the other 90 percent.


What do you all think? Share your stories

God bless us all,