Right temporal lobe surgery, removal of the right Hippocampus.

Hello, My name is Lee. My Daughter, who is 36, started having seizures abou 3 years ago. She has been on many medications, but they do not control her seizures. That is when the Doctors considered her for brain surgery. First, the Doctors tested her on everything to see if she is a good candidate for surgery. Well, it turns out that she is a good candidate. My Daughter's name is Lori. All of her seizures are coming from the right temporal lobe. They have given her a 65% chance of being seizure free. The problem is this... my Daughter is really scared that it will effect her memory even more, or worse, effect her emotions. I would like to get feed back from anyone that has had this surgery. I would like to know the pro's and con's of your experience. I would greatly appreciate this. I am very concerned for my Daughter. 

Thank You!!

Concerned Mom!


Right temporal lobe surgery, removal of the right Hippocampus.

I am waiting for the same surgery, in fact they are suppose to call me any day now.  I too am concerned about the outcome.  My neurosurgeon basically said the outcomes are different for each individual.  Just the thought of brain surgery scares me.  I know it needs to be done because the meds aren't working well enough and the seizures are affecting my life.  Wish you two the best.

Re: Right temporal lobe surgery, removal of the right Hippocamp

  I had my right temporal lobe removed back in 1998.I was 26 at the time and yes I was scared to death.Before the surgery I was having 2 to 3 gm seizures a week.I know that doesn't sound like alot,but when you chew your tounge up to point where it's bleeding I think that's plenty.I was also having 5 to 6 complex partical seizures a week.After the surgery I have changed a great deal.My short term memory is terrible,I have really bad mood swings.I mean I can be happy one minute and then jump down someones throat the next.

   In 2004 I had a VNS put and with the surgery,the VNS and the meds.I'm on my seizures are almost non-existing.Yeah I have one every now and then if I don't get enough sleep,but I would NOT go back and re-do anything.During my surgery I was awake the whole time.The doc.and nurses were talking and showing pics.to me while they were operating.