Right Temporal Lobe Removal

I had most of my right temporal lobed removed in December 2009, because of tumors that caused seizures.

I understand that the RTLobe controls emotions. I am being told that I will be on emotional meds and or see a shrink for the rest of my life.

DOes anyone have any info about this emotional issue.



M Dallas


Re: Right Temporal Lobe Removal

Yes I do think that you may have to be on emotional meds the rest of your life. I have had epilepsy since I was 16 years old. I am now 55. I had surgery in 1991 to remove a tumor in my right temporal lobe and to remove the focus of my epilepsy in the center of my brain. Just a week after my surgery I developed depression and soon after that had the first of many suicide attempts. I was later admitted into the psychiatric unit of the hospital where they tried me on numerous drugs to ease the depression. I responded fairly well to a drug called Lithium. The chief resident diagnosed me with bi-polar illness and refered me to a great psychiatrist who balanced my epilepsy medications with my bi-polar medications. As it turned out, Tegretol and Valproic acid are both useful both as mood stabilizers and  anti convulsants.They are part of the cocktail of medications that I am on.

To date the only seizure activity is Petit-mal seizures where I might bite my tongue or my lip or my cheek unexpectedly. I did have one absense seizure on Nov 1st of this year where I went sleepwalking barefoot in the cold dressed only in my under-shorts and a light sweater. The police picked me up and took me to the station and charged me with "performing an indecent act."  I wish they had taken me to the hospital instead. At first I felt pretty lost. I later rermembered where I lived and they took me home without further incident. My court date is Jan 4th. That is the 1st major incident since my surgery. The Petit mal seizures are just a nuisnace.

I now have been refered to a neurology doctor who wants to change my cocktail of medications and add Limotrigine. Time will tell if that makes a difference.


Re: Right Temporal Lobe Removal

You can't tell me the cops are still going ahead with the charge even after finding out about your condition????????? Come on surely common sense prevailed. If not the rule "to protect and serve" seems a waste of time. I hope you fight the charge and win. Good luck in court (if it goes that far)