Please help ;-)


Prior to my surgery in July, I was having absence seizures, the kind where you blank out for a few minutes, and then back to normal. During the course of these seizures, I generally spoke rubbish or repeated myself etc. Unless someone told me - I was never aware of them.

I had surgery in July, and last week - I was working at our offices (generally we all work from home, and go in once a week). The guy I was with is a nice guy, knew all about my operation etc, but is very young. I had told them of my symptoms prior to surgery and to notify me if this occurs when I was with them.

Last week - I went into the offices, and was calling the guy that I report to by a different name (my boyfriend's name) and felt very out of it. First time that I have ever noticed me doing this. Yesterday I asked him if he noticed anything unusual when we had met the previous week, and he said that I seemed very tired, and a bit disorientated but then was ok. We get on well, but I could see he was uncomfortable telling me this.

Should I be recording this as a seizure and telling my neurosurgeon who I am seeing on Friday?

I don't want to say things are happening when they are not, but likewise I do not want to say things are not happening when they are.

Thanks for your help


Re: Please help ;-)


Calling your colleague by your boyfriend's name and being disoriented is definitely something you'd want to tell doctor.