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Left Temporal Lobectomy

Hello everyone,

I have dealt with epilepsy since I was 2 years old. I'm going to turn 22 in a month. My epilepsy was controlled for most of my life until I started having these "episodes" where I would get very anxious, then my heart would begin to beat really fast. Afterwards, my head would turn to the right and I would start seeing flashing lights in my right eye. At times, my head would go back and forth. Then, I would snap right out of it like magic. I remember each episode and record in my seizure journal. I was admitted into the epilepsy monitoring unit at University Hospitals 2 years ago and found out my seizures are starting in my left temporal lobe. I take 2 different medications for my epilepsy and have been through maybe 13 increases. My doctors told me this is going to be my last increase before they consider giving me epilepsy surgery. I do believe that they might give me a temporal lobectomy if this medicine doesn't work. I wanted to learn more about this surgery and the risks that comes with it. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!



I had right-side surgery, details here:




I read your story about your right temporal lobectomy. It was extremely insightful and encouraging. As of right now, I am 2 weeks and 6 days seizure- free. So if I ever receive the left temporal lobectomy I will keep your story in mind. It's wonderful. Thank you so very much for sharing your experience with me. It is much appreciated. :)

Kevin, your link to your description of your own experiences with your RTL surgery is fascinating, and quite helpful as I consider pro's and con's. thanks! --Tom

I went years with the neuros suggesting surgery before I finally relented. The older I got the worse the seizures became. The surgeons finally talked me into it when I hit my thirties as they explained that every seizure I had was killing brain cells. I could have the surgery, cut out a chunk and maybe healed or leave the brain to rot slowly away. I relented and had the operation on my left temporal lobe 3 years ago. Took awhile to recover but have not even suffered petit mal seizures since, let alone the tonicclonics. For first time in my life I am allowed to apply for a driver's license but I'm still searching for the courage after a life of seizures

Thank you so much. Ever since, my neurologist brought up the idea about surgery I have thought about the risks more than the benefits. But now, I am more comfortable with them doing it. I'm not scared anymore. I told myself that I needed to boss up real quick and real fast if I wanted to get the best results possible. I'm going to keep my mind set on that. Positive thoughts. Right?

My neurologist's goal was to stop me from having seizures permanently not just for 2 months or 2 weeks but permanently. I have faith that this might work. This is my final option for treatment and I'm going to do it.

With the knowledge that I have read about epilepsy and the brain, I do not want to damage my brain anymore. I have already been through a stroke in the womb and I am not going to let seizures damage my brain any further so that is why I am considering the operation.

Thanks for your insight. Much appreciated!!!!

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