How would you...?

Hello all,

I have epilepsy for decades and throughout most of my life to date
(covering the years to finishing college).  Early on, I had seizures
that completely took me away for a few minutes, landed me in the ER, and
left me with excruciatingly painful and lasting headache (at least a
week) before the next one hit.  What a joy!  I had visitors coming to
visit me and I joked with them as if nothing has happened.  I kept
school work going and was condemned by my teachers for being too

Time went by quickly and I began noting the symptoms of each seizure I
experienced.  As soon as I started smacking my lips, noting the weird
sensation from my throat, and holding my trembling right hand by my left
hand, I must stop whatever I was doing, grabbed a chair to sit or a
wall to lean against if there is no chair in proximity (I lose balance
without any support).  Although the same post-seizure were still there, I
kept everything on time (unless the seizures were severe enough to
force me to request an extension), and never slowed down a bit  During
my college years, I broke my professors' bias about me--an
epileptic--and earned their admiration, support, and respect.  They
scolded for being a perfectionist, not paying sufficient attention to my
health and demanding too much from my ailing body.

I couldn't be more appreciative for what I have earned.