Does it sound promising?

Recently, I heard a newscast about a lady who had a seizure while driving 8 years ago and consequently lost her license.  Rather than undergoing traditional brain surgery, she has undergone a procedure using MRI-guided laser.  According to the report, doctor inserts a catheter through the back of her head and destroys seizure-producing tissues with highly concentrated laser, and recovery is shorter than traditional surgery.  At age 30, she is seizure-free and has regained her driving privilege.


What puzzles me in this news report is that how do the doctor precisely determine how much tissues should be destroyed; what functions are around the seizure-focus, and whether this lady’s seizures come from the same locations without surgically implanting electrodes, recording and localizing seizures in Phase II, conducting tests such as Cortical Stimulation, to set apart important functions in relation to the bad parts, and remove in subsequent surgeries.


Have you heard anything regarding this new treatment option?  What do you think?