Coping with Recovery, Part I

Hello Experts (who had surgery for MORE than 2 years).

I underwent left temporal lobectomy surgery two years age.

In the first six months, I had explosion-like headache 24/7 while the scalp was healing from surgery.  Internally, at the same time, it was everything but peaceful.  My brain wa filled with fluids, scorcher, and, of course, pressure.  Whenever I tilted slightly, the fluids moved at the same direction equivalent to turing a half-filled plastic bottle (with tightly closed lid) backward, foward, and sideways in your hands.  The pressure was similar to volcanic activities beneath the Earth's surface.  Heat was dry and reached 125 degrees and higher with sharp needles attached.  All these symptoms came from and stayed in the left hemisphere.  Gradually and very slowly subsided.  However, this is NOT the end of the story.  Other symptoms begins to appear and last to this day.  Stay tuned!

My question is: how long will pain, pressure, heat, and noises last?  I would love to hear from you!