brain biopy: let me hear some stories

hello.  next week i'm gettina a pre-op MRI for one of those image guided brain biopsies.  a few weeks ago i got called in to see a neurosurgeon because of a brain mass that it is most likely related to the lesion i've had there for a bit.  (i had my first seizure in 2000.  i've been seizure free since november 2011.) a few google have not produced a lot of personal stories that i can find from people who've had brain biopsies.  i had a lumbar puncture a few weeks ago and read a million stories.  afterward i realized that, though there were some commonalities (is that a word?), they really don't matter on the day the procedure happens.  regardless, if any of you have had a brain biopsy, please share your story.  i don't have a date set yet, but it will have to be after my vacation later this month, unless if the doctors give me a good reason to cancel my trip to vegas.