another surgery?



In 2005 I had a lesion (about the size of a nickle) taken
out of the right side. Now 2010, I am being told that it will help if I take
the entire right side of the hippocampus out.

After my surgery in 2005, I had a lot of memory & anger
issues. That hasn't gotten any better. This changed my life dramatically!! So the biggest fear of mine, is will my
memory & anger be even worse if I do decide to remove my right


Re: another surgery?

I survived a right temporal lobectomy, including removal of the hippocampus and amygaldaly!!  I had some short term memory loss but my long term memory increased.  I'm a bit more quick tempered, but I'v learned to manage that with relaxation techniques.  After my surgery I completed 2 nursing degrees and have 2 children a house and I drive.  I work fulltime as a nurse and have learned to write things down immediately and take a lot of notes.  Good luck.  If you want to talk more, you can email me at :

Re: another surgery?

Dawn, thanks for your comment. I'm so happy you are doing so awesome.

I might be more in touch if that's ok. Just started this process all over again :(


Thnx again :)