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Hi All,

Sorry I have a few questions post surgery that I hope you can help with.

1. What does the post MRI do.

2. Seems I am very anxious (don't recall this being as huge a problem until I went on medicine).  Can medicine case anxiety side effects.

3. Concentration/language - can this be affected by surgery? i.e. hard to concentrate (4 months later) and find I miss words when typing at work. 



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I am 4 months post surgery myself (7-25-10 temporal lobe resection).  My quality of life has dwindled DRASTICALLY since the surgery.  I've always had excellent grammatical skills and been very articulate and expansive in my vocabulary.  Now when I'm in conversations I find myself repeating stories (can't remember what I have and haven't told people), at a loss for words (can't think of which word to use, mostly adjectives but not always) and yes, my concentration is SHOT.  I've been told that this will subside as my amygdala rebuilds itself (I had to have one completely removed per DNET brain tumor causing gliomas to form and, of course, exacerbating seizure & panic activities).  Also, I've been told by several different doctors that it generally takes up to a year for all of these lingering symptoms (such as the ones you've listed) to clear themselves up but that they will.  Hope this helps :-)

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Many thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond.

Seems like the after effects are the same for all of us.

I just hate my life and everything epilepsy has brought to it (I only got it 4 years ago). Yesterday for example, I sent an invoice to my manager, and it was completely wrong, to the exent that I did not even understand what i did.

So now everyone says - I must have had a seizure, I have no idea what happened. Normally when I have seizures I blank out for a minute or so and not aware that i have had it unless someone tells me.

I absolutely hate things at the moment, I feel I am doing a job that I could have done 20 years ago, and am useless at it, so to make up for me being incompetent, I work extra hours for which I am not paid and then feel exploited.

I just hope things getter better.

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What part of the brain was your surgery on?


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It was TLE on the left side,

I really am struggling with this and work. I have another post on the Adult forum regarding work implications. I just want to get on with my life and go back to the successful person that I was!!

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I had the surgery on the left side.  It took a while to get my speech back to where I felt comfortable.  I was able to get off medication, slowly-a few years-after surgery and noticed a major improvement.  I never realized how much the meds had affected my memory, speech and reading skills.  Ask your docs about coming off the meds.  You can add @yahoo .com to my user name if you have questions I might be able to answer.


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Hi Happygirl & congratulations on your surgery! I had a left temporal lobectomy in late February of 2006.  With regards to your questions:

1. The post surgery MRI checks the surgery area to make certain that all is okay.  For the MRI that I had about 3 months after my surgery, for some reason, I was really scared, but all was well.

2. Anxiety was a major issue that I dealt with following my surgery, as well as depression.  I had never experienced either prior to my surgery.  From everything I've read, it is a normal reaction after having brain surgery.  It is also possible that your meds could be adding to it.  Everyone reacts differently.  At first, my neuro thought my meds were making my anxiety worse and tried taking me off them.  It turned out, it wasn't the meds.  I still deal with anxiety problems presently.

3. Concentration/Language are definitely affected by the surgery and healing process.  It has only been a short time for you, so go easy on yourself and be patient.  Even after over 4 years, I sometimes still find myself having difficulty finding words, etc. But there has been definite improvement in comparison to shortly after I had surgery.

As I noted, it has only been a short time since your surgery.  I have read that it can actually take from 1 to 2 years for the complete healing process.

I wish you well, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.  I learned a lot from different forums after my surgery, and it gave me the reassurance I needed. :)


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 Hi was reading about your op I have been suffering from epilepsy since the age of 6mths now im 42.Lately im even having loss of memory.How long did the op take and how long did you stay in hospital as I live in Malta and they dont do that kind of op here un luckily.Its even hard for me to depart from my children and family.Was your op successful?Thank you and hope to hear from you.                                                                                   


                                                                                                              Yours sincerely                                         


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Hello happygirl.

I'm having a post-op MRI tomorrow. (11/24) I had left temporal resection June 7. I used to be terrified of mri's but I've had so many of them and CT scans that I just don't care anymore.

I'm having some of the same post surgery problems you mentioned. My short term memory is terrible and so is my speech. I used to be very articulate, but now I'm happy just to finish a sentence. However, these problems were developing before surgery. My neurologist tells me my best chances of improvement will be somewhat dependent on the seizures stopping. I haven't had any seizures since the first week after surgery, so I'm optimistic.

I wish the best going forward. I hope you find seizure control through your surgery. Hopefully everything will work out good as well.