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WARNING.... Diets that can make seizures worse

    For over 40 years I knew something was making my seizures to happen. As I got older the seizures that were petit mals turned to grand mals. It was not strange to me to see similarities as a kid and a middle age adult and know there were then and now possible root causes came from what I was eating. No doctor ever told me the things that I learned to hard way, as all these foods with the additives, chemicals and preservatives can cause all types of seizure activity as a young and older ages. I could say I know all of them are a danger to me, but I can not say all these additives, chemicals and preservatives are a danger to all of us who's ever had a seizure of any type. All I will say is investigate it all for your own brain health and possible reduction of your seizures. Every human brain is fragile and precious like mine. Just like smoking is bad to our lungs, so are these food additives, chemicals and preservatives bad for the brain. Do not get stressed out that I say that. It is what you learn today that could prevent and protect your brain later like tomorrow.  That's a start for anyone who just may improve your brain health. I know I want to protect my brain forever but there is always knew things bring added to foods that makes my job hard 24/7. So just eating the good and safe foods like whole fruits and vegetables and eating good red meats, poultry & salmon are my seizure free foods, and having real drinks like water that is purified or distilled can be safer to drink over diet sodas.


One thing that I have learned you have to choose your foods almost exactly like a diabetic...with diabetis runing on both sides of my family I have to be extra careful

   Very true Prince. Were you aware that some of our medicines the doctors suggest we try can make our blood sugar levels drop ? Low sugar levels can cause seizures as well as Stress, Foods & all other things. Lamictal is one of them when I was taking 300 mgs of it, my sugar dropped down to 48 or lower when I had a grand mal seizure due to it all.  That site shows anyone what is in the medicines we are taking. That is why and how I know a few things as there are other sites like that can explain what we are taking and think of the long term side effects or new diagnoses of a brain condition we may end up with later. This is why to me it is important that I have no foods or drinks with all these bad and dangerous food additives that some of us actually can die from. That does not mean that a person who's never have a problem with the same things I have had for years, could not today ot tomorrow suddenly have more of their type of seizures as MSG and most to all other food additives can create the same reactions in all of us sooner or later. I'm not trying to put FEAR in all the brains that read this. I am only making it an awareness of the reality that some of us who desire to find their answers could maybe look here first in what can maybe be so simple to control, even as it will be a 24/7 52 week, 12 month job. I can say for 16 months & 2 weeks my job has been good, but it does not answer the question WHY ? Why can't the EFA and others get the answers that people like me and so many others who do not realize this is happenning to them, yet know one but a few of us relates or can relate to what we are living with. As I always say..... '''Until someone actually has a seizure of any type, especially grand mals/tonic clonics, and you survive the H   L you go through, the people who do not live through that will never relate to any of us. Those who want to ridicule me and reject all of this, are just living in a world of denial and rejection. Maybe in time all of us will be accepted and they will not reject us anymore with the fears we can have from having grand mals, petit mals or other types of seizures  when our voice may matter when it all may start effecting them as it does us now.

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