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Tongue Bitting

During my last seizure I bite my tongue. It has been hurting now for a couple days now. Does anyone know a good treatment for a bitten tongue?


 If you go to your dentist & spk to them they will give you a mouth wash , do not get one out of the shops as they are not that good i do it all the time & chew my mouth as if i am chewing chewing gum so i would suggest you spk to your dentist and get a mouthwash from them it will be better xxx Julie xxxx

Just a quick tip I got from my maxilofacial surgeon today, when he
was inspecting my tongue that I turned into hamburger meat during my
last seizure.

If someone cradles your head in their hands and
applies gentle pressure under your jaw, on the joint of the lower jaw
(i.e. under the ears) that forces the tongue to pull back and your jaw
to stay closed. This means you can't bite your tongue to pieces. Also,
it is always worth checking if you need stitches. If I had gotten them,
my healing time would have been 3-4 days rather than the 15 I am
looking at now!

i was always told to leave it heal naturally, even though it hurts like crazy- whisky can be good though

It is not uncommon for people to bite their tongues like when you're in seizures. In most cases, a tongue bite is not a major cause for concern, despite the fact that it can be very painful. This is because most tongue bites get completely cured easily, within a week or two, without any medical treatment required. The tongue heals quite quickly, as compared to other parts of the body, probably because it is coated with a layer of saliva. A deep tongue bite is not an uncommon problem, but it could take a while for it to heal. Moreover, it is best to have a doctor check a deep cut on the tongue, because medical intervention may be required in certain cases. And for your home treatment you may try to apply ice cubes, salt water rinse, and avoid spices. Reputation Advocate

Nancy B  What I did for mine is swish some tepid, lightly salted water gently in my mouth. Salt heals all wounds, not instantly, but definetly quicker.

Hi, I seem to remember someone saying orajel works well. It will numb your tongue. I haven't tried it yet myself. Good luck!!!!

Thank you, I tried the Orajel it seems to work for a short period of time, but the numbness wears off quickly. It does give me enough time to atleast eat without any pain though. Thanks for the advice.


maybe try some paracetomol and ibuprofen together if its causing pain. the 2 work together and theres no problems with taking them both at the same time...this was doctors advice.

the only other thing i do is just eat vegetables and fruit and drink plenty of water...the numbness will persist for a while, but will eventually fade. i am still trying to get rid of the numbness from my last GM seizure.

A shot of RUM.

The times that I bite my tongue or anything in my mouth I rinse with warm salt water a couple times a day. The salt does something to help the heeling...It works for me. Give it a try.

I do the salt-water thing too, I bite my tongue just about every seizure I have, sometimes worse than others. This past time was really bad, and I've had to be careful with everything I eat.

I've found that the most awesome thing for a bitten tounge is a cough drop!

Also Chloraseptic spray works.

Good idea! (DOH!) I keep Halls around all the time, they clear your nose and throat for when you sing.

You use Halls before you sing!!!

Oh my goodness! I hope you aren't using it all the time. By numbing your throat, you could be hurting your vocal cords by straining and not realize it.

Sipping water is really the best thing. If you have a cold then there is an excellent tea you can drink. I think it's called "Throat Coat" It's basically just liquorish and ginger root tea. Might want to try it with some honey. I've seen plenty of singers chug it down off stage. Very moisturizing!

There is also a spray called "Singers Saving Grace" that I've seen some people use, but I've never tried it.

I wouldn't recommend using these things all the time because I don't know if they can cause any long term issues but if you have to sing with a cold, then I think it's better to have a moist voice and these products do a good job of keeping your throat moist.

Also, don't smoke. I see singers smoking and I want to kick 'em.

You can always rely on the classic lemon tea with honey too.

My Father spent 22 years with The Singing Sergeants, and now sings and plays keyboards with a Group called The4Jays. There are sites for both groups, I can't get a link to work for either one. My Father will be 65 in December, and has used them as long he can remember. He still belts 'em out better than most. He also smokes about 2 packs a day, and has since he was 20. I'm a drummer and don't do much more than harmony and back-up vocals. He doesn't get sore throats, and has not had a cold in years. If you can find any long term effects, please do post them, but until then, he and I will continue to use the same thing that many professionals do.

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